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Beer shampoo: To use or not to use?

After last weekend, Cetaphil has made me look human and less like a red-and-grey, peeling creature. So I decided to stock up and saw this bottle of “beer shampoo” at the pharmacy. I fell in love with the packaging, and, though I saw SLES in the ingredients, I decided to buy it despite the recent reaction to SLS. I know, I never learn. Anyway, this cost just INR160 for 200ml.
So I photographed the bottle before I opened the seal. OMG! It smells V.I.L.E. Beer smells... like beer. Malty, if you like. This shampoo smells nothing like beer. You know when milk goes bad, you get this really rancid smell? Imagine that happening to beer. Now multiply that smell 10 times. That’s what it smells like.
I’ve used C:ehko’s beer shampoo before and it did amazing things to my hair. Sadly, you don’t get it here anymore. The C:ehko beer shampoo smelt more like beer (though it had SLS). I’ve even applied beer directly to my hair once, when I had too many split ends, with amazing results. Trust me, beer smells NOTHING like this shampoo. 
I haven't tried this out, obviously, what with the SLS reaction and the smell. I'm quite apprehensive - maybe I'll just use it as a general cleaner (my unwanted shampoos clean basins, sponges and other things well). Or should I risk it, after a few patch tests, and see what happens? Isn't SLES supposedly milder than SLS? If my scalp falls out or if my hair reeks of foul lager,
I shall have only myself to blame.
UPDATE: Dried my hair out and reeked of bad lager. I don't recommend this for people with dry, frizzy hair, though it may work if you have greasy/oily hair.
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  1. @Paula: Trust me - don't! It fried my already frizzy hair :( Now on a deep oiling treatment twice a week, which gives me a stiff neck :(

  2. Interesting review!
    Thank you for sharing.


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