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Inside my April Vellvette Box

This month's Vellvette Box is a spring special. I love the spring-themed ribbon. Sorry some of the pics are rotated. I'm using my mobile to post and can't get them to straighten out.

Vellvette hit a hat-trick with three torn boxes in a row sent to me. Someday I'm hoping for a sturdy box I can reuse.

Inside were:
Motives Mardi Gras lip and eye palette
Lush Aqua Marina cleanser sample
Max Factor Masterpiece mascara - mini.

The palette is a winner. I love the lippies and the purple "gloss" which I'm going to try out as an eyeliner because it looks pretty. The shadow swatches weren't very pigmented, but I'm hoping a primer and some buildable coverage can settle that.

I have a full-size Lush Aqua Marina cleanser, reviewed here. So this means I don't need to repurchase for a while. But Vellvette says the full-size product costs Rs 1,170 which is weird - I only paid Rs 680.
I also have a full-size Masterpiece, so this is going into my travel bag.

This month's box has definitely made up for the sachet-haven they sent me last month. What I'm peeved about is that they had an offer on Facebook, saying you would get an extra sample if you renewed by March 24, and all existing 3- and 6-month subscriptions would be automatically upgraded. In fact they even answered people's queries about the existing subs. I had an existing 3-monther that gets over with this box, and I renewed for 6 months, but I didn't get a fourth sample. Do I want to take this up with them or let it go because the box was good? You decide.
EDIT: My Lush Aqua Marina was 100gm. Think they may have quoted the price for 200gm. 
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  1. Hey! I wish I got that mascara! The eyeshadows are poorly pigmented I agree.. I only used my fingers for the green one as it was quite soft and pigmented.. The other two was impossible to swatch with my fingers so I used a firm eyeshadow brush to to pick up the colors! You can also slightly brush up the op of these shadows with a hard brush and then pick up the powdered product with a fluffy brush for blending!
    And omg! 1170?!! That's really weird! Lol

  2. OOh love the Lush product xx

  3. Aww thats bad that the boxes were damaged. I got an extra product as I had subscribed for 6 months. If that is the case with you then you should send them a mail dear.
    I wish they could have given me a full sized product of maxfactor instead of the sachets.

  4. we've got almost the same stuff na! i wish even i got the lush sample instead of clarins !

  5. Thankful this time my box was not damaged... lush and mascara.. your box is good too. Most of us recived good products :-)

  6. Hey Renu,
    They had missed out the extra bonus item in my last box... they had to send it to me separately... may be they'll do the same for you... why don't you give them a call? :)

    I saw price discrepancies with their old products too for the full size product... (like the Clinique lipsticks and lipglosses)
    Just a thought... can the Aqua Marina be a different sized full size?

  7. @Jeevitha: Thanks - am sending an email. You're right - they may have quoted the price for 200gm, though they haven't specified the quantity. Am adding an edit to my post accordingly :D

  8. @Tshering Yangzom

    It comes out better with a brush actually! And once you have 4-5 layers, it's pigmented, though nothing like your swatches. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Lucky U , atleast got something :) , I am not liking that palette , poor pigmentation.

  10. That lip/eye palette is so gorgeous Renu<3 It's sheer and i love sheer lips :) That mascara is so mini and cuttteee!

  11. Hi Renu... give them a call... same thing happened with me. I sent a mail to them and posted on twitter and fb... and got a call from them apologizing about the same and they assured that in next month's box I will get 5 products.

  12. @Abha: Seriously? I got a call today and they (someone called Shruti) said I wouldn't get a bonus product despite an existing 3-month and a 6-month renewal on time and despite their FANTASTIC statement that "all existing 3/6/12 month people would be automatically upgraded"! Am hopping mad right now.

  13. I got a call from Sakina and she said that they are extremely sorry and I will get the additional product in the next month's box. hmm.. At the time of renewing they had confirmed that I will be getting additional bonus products... Write a mail to them and post on their FB and twitter.Try talking to some other rep and see if it helps... I was so disappointed when I opened my box and saw only 3 products.

  14. cool! I've always wanted to try subscription boxes..

  15. @Abha: Got an email from Sakina, saying pretty much the same thing as the call. No extra sample. Am trying to send you the email - but can't find you on Facebook!

  16. The shades in the palette are gorgeous :o)

    Jac x0x

  17. My facebook name is Abha Dabral :) . Hope you get the extra products next month.

  18. Luck you! Seeing other girls get full sized cosmetics has been a big letdown for me…not very excited. I just got my box and blogged about it. The palette was the silver lining!


  19. its a box full of surprises


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