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Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box

Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
While I had plans of unboxing all beauty boxes on video this year, I seem to manage videos for only one out of three boxes, especially if the boxes arrive mid-week. Ah well.
Memebox, a beauty box from Korea that used to ship worldwide until March 31, now ships only to Canada, Japan and the US. However, they will honour all international orders placed before March 31 (and will reinstate worldwide delivery services in a few months' time), so I ended up ordering boxes until October. At first, they messed up and did not send me the tracking number for the Global Edition box #8 and I threw a dozen emails, tweets and Facebook comments at them. They finally sent me my tracking, and the box seems to have been sent by express post, to make up for the delay!

Here is the review of my Memebox Global Edition 8, and what I got inside.

This time, they have used the hot pink box even for the regular box. I hope they haven't stopped the salmon-peach box altogether
Inside, the product card, as usual, and there is PSY's face on it!
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty boxMemebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
There are six products in Memebox 8. They are:
  1. MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Foam Cleanser
  2. PSY Energy Factory Moist Boosting Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask
  3. Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo
  4. Tony Moly BCDATION SPF 30 in Pink Beige
  5. Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack
  6. Secret Key Snow White Cream
    Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
A quick look at each.
You know I have reviewed the MAX Clinic Massage Oil Foam on this blog and love this makeup removing oil cleanser. I received it in my Wish Box 15 and also bought the full-size. Bummer. I probably have enough for two years or so now. I'm not going to open the new one until the older bottle gets over. This is a full-sized product at 110g. However, Memebox says it retails at $73, which is absurd - I certainly paid only around half that amount for mine!
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
Don't you want to sing Opan Gangnam Style when you see that PSY Energy Factory Moist Boosting Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask? This is another full-sized product and retails for $4. The mask is supposed to be as large as PSY's face and is suitable for both women and men. I have a relatively smaller face, so I suppose I'll have to fold the sheet over or something. And you can use the empty packet as a PSY mask!
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
It is the Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo that I am most excited about, from this box. They have sent me a 100ml bottle. The shampoo is free of sulphates, silicones and synthetic dyes and is made of natural preservatives. I am a sucker for trying out new sulphate-free shampoos and the packaging looks like one of those liniments in Chinese medicine. I will let you know how this one shapes up.
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
I received a sample of the Tony Moly BCDATION SPF 30 in my Rose Rose Shop Secret Box. This is a larger 7ml tube, plus the same foil sachet as an extra. The problem is, the shade they have sent me is "Pink Beige", which probably coordinates with NC25 or so and I am NC37, which means this is a good choice for a ghoulish look on Hallowe'en, or I could just add it to a future giveaway inventory.
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
I love sleeping packs; they make a huge difference to how fresh and alert I look the following morning. The Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack sounds amazing - it promises to moisturise, minimise pores and control oil all while you are sleeping. Plus, there are no parabens. I have a 20ml sample and will let you know how it goes.
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
Rant alert. Skip if you don't want to read. 
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty boxI tend to - what is it that they say about me - "run for the hills" when confronted by lightening and whitening products. I would do just that right on seeing the Secret Key Snow White Cream - but then, I live on the coast, near the beach, without a peep of a hill in sight. WHY does the concept of whitening and lightening even exist? If skin whitening things actually worked, I can tell you that human history would have been entirely different, with people in all continents looking alike, and we would never have heard of empire (I subscribe to the Edward Said school of thought), at least two wars, slave trade, racism and whatnot. I find it awful that there is both demand and supply for whitening instead of trying to work with what features you already have. If you think I ought to apply this unknown goop to my pimples - nope. My doctor already gives me a prescription for pimple marks. The only thing I like about the Secret Key "Snow White Cream" - full size, 50g, retailing for $21 - is the design of the jar itself. Thankfully there was some spillage. Plus, I have colleagues who love whitening and lightening products and are suckers for this sort of thing despite my constant rants and sermons. I will give this to one of them with the understanding that I am not responsible if their whole face falls off.
Rant over.

Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty box
Memebox Global 8 unboxing, review: Korean beauty boxBottom Line
I loved Memebox 4 and Superbox 2. I liked Memebox 5. I am kicking myself for missing out on the amazing box 7. I am not a huge fan of box 8, in comparison. I already have a large quantity of one of the products, and cannot use two products. I am sure that it is an exception and that the rest of the Memeboxes in my order list will more than make up for my disappointment. Keep watching this blog for regular unboxings!
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  1. why PSY in all this ! :P

  2. Don't stop ranting...we love them. Coz ur rants make sense and are logical. The shampoo seems really good as does the sleeping pack and psy mask.

  3. MyBeautyJunctionApril 04, 2014

    Apparently he collaborated with Memebox for this, lending 'em his face :D

  4. MyBeautyJunctionApril 04, 2014

    Thanks, but don't encourage me, or else this will turn into the "I HATE WHITENING" blog :D

  5. Matilly RoseApril 04, 2014

    Hya Renu, I thought the whitening thing was just a skin brightener, being whiter than Caspar myself this should just about make me invisible.......Love the skin your in. I am in love with the Heart Face Sleeping Pack, I tried it last night, it went on like a sticky face mask but gee whiz my skin is ultra soft and hydrated this morning, I can't stop touching it. Big hugs Jac xx

  6. Matilly RoseApril 04, 2014

    I did some research on the whitening cream, apparently it makes a really good primer or gives a more airbrushed effect if applied over foundation. Might be worth a go Jac xx

  7. loredana marinApril 04, 2014

    PSY face mask?? I find that so funny.

  8. MyBeautyJunctionApril 05, 2014

    Haha! I should try the Sleeping Pack soon - I've been having a couple of rough nights and my face looks tired. I hope you had a great birthday x

  9. MyBeautyJunctionApril 05, 2014

    Lol yes. By the way, please check my blog's Facebook page, there is a message for you :)

  10. Myrilla MyrillaApril 05, 2014

    I ordered the Lucky box #3 before they end up the international shipping, I hope they include Max Clinic Massage oil foam

  11. very nice items!


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