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Saturday, February 23, 2013

My first sampling programme - February Vellvette box

Long and picture-heavy post alert. After years of ignoring their existence and cringing at the prospect of having to pay for samples ("sample" = free), I finally jumped on the subscription box bandwagon. I signed up for the Vellvette box (and another one which is yet to arrive). It costs just Rs 399 or £4.75 for one month's box, which has three products. Not bad.
The February box arrived today, wrapped in a red ribbon, but the packaging was a bit damaged in transit. The contents inside were okay, but they ought to pick a sturdier box and use better packaging to avoid internal damage in future.

I opened it and the first thing I saw was a Valentine's Day-themed fridge magnet. I like the wrapping paper, it gives it a pretty, luxe look.
I received a full-size Figs and Rouge Aloe and Mint lip balm, a full-size Purely Pro blush in Universal and a sample of B5 Serum from Ofra Cosmetics. I love the tiny red pouch the serum came in and I'm going to fill it with dried flowers or herbs.

The blush looked too pink at first, but when I applied it, it looks quite pretty and suits my skin tone. I normally prefer bronzers, but this one is quite nice.
The balm smells fab and goes on smoothly and makes my lips feel soft. I'll use it only as a lip balm, though it says I can use it anywhere, because there's not much of it!
The product has moved about in transit, as you can see. I love lip balm tins, so I'm keeping the tin even after the product gets over :)

The third item is the one I'm really iffy about. I know a lot of people got toners and I didn't want a toner, so I was thrilled to find a serum, which could be used on the neck (I'm paranoid about my neck). 
Problem is, read the stuff on the packaging. If you've read my other posts, you will know that I'm anal-retentive about language, even on beauty product labels. "Smoothe"?? "Antioxident"? Who writes these things?
The product card tells you it contains "methylpareben" and "coneflower extract". Click the pictures to enlarge.
The picture of the full-size product has correct spelling. I checked out the Ofra website and it is all legit. Perhaps they put poor spellers in the sample-bottle production section? Or are they hiring proofreaders? (Cough, cough) So I haven't tried out the serum; I'll sleep on it for a while.
Love the lip balm and the blush, though, and there are no spelling or grammar mistakes on these two products or in Vellvette's letter to me :)
Overall, I give this box 6.5/10 - 1.5 points deducted for weak packaging and 2 points for the poor linguistic skills of Ofra. That is the story of my first subscription box, and, considering I received two full-size products, I'm going to give it another go. Please pack my box carefully next month, Vellvette!

EDIT: Been reading other reviews and seeing pictures - looks like mine's the only one with the spelling errors. Boohoo.

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