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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Beauty box: March Enchantess Bag

Sorry this is late - I received my March Enchantess bag only yesterday thanks to the Easter break and my internet connection is really shaky.
Anyway, after being disappointed with sachets, collagen-drinks and lip glosses, it was nice to receive a bag with products I could actually use.
As always, the Enchantess bag was pink - wish they'd send me a green next time!

 I received:
  • Clean Dry Shampoo (full-size)
  • Calvin Klein Lip Gloss (full-size)
  • SNAN soap (sample)
They also sent a personalised card and discount coupons.
I'm really happy to receive two full-size products. And I'm really thrilled to receive dry shampoo! I use Oscar Blandi and am on my last can, so this is very, very welcome. Best of all, it is sulphate and paraben free and cotton- and starch-based. I will review its performance very soon.
I don't use lip gloss, so this will be added to my giveaway items (good news - giveaway is up tomorrow. I've finally figured out Raffle-thingy).
The soap is going into the travel bag.
Using two out of three items in a sampling programme is great. This bag costs just Rs 399 or £4.75 a month, which, I think, has been great value for money this time. So I'm definitely renewing!


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