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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inside my April Vellvette Box

This month's Vellvette Box is a spring special. I love the spring-themed ribbon. Sorry some of the pics are rotated. I'm using my mobile to post and can't get them to straighten out.

Vellvette hit a hat-trick with three torn boxes in a row sent to me. Someday I'm hoping for a sturdy box I can reuse.

Inside were:
Motives Mardi Gras lip and eye palette
Lush Aqua Marina cleanser sample
Max Factor Masterpiece mascara - mini.

The palette is a winner. I love the lippies and the purple "gloss" which I'm going to try out as an eyeliner because it looks pretty. The shadow swatches weren't very pigmented, but I'm hoping a primer and some buildable coverage can settle that.

I have a full-size Lush Aqua Marina cleanser, reviewed here. So this means I don't need to repurchase for a while. But Vellvette says the full-size product costs Rs 1,170 which is weird - I only paid Rs 680.
I also have a full-size Masterpiece, so this is going into my travel bag.

This month's box has definitely made up for the sachet-haven they sent me last month. What I'm peeved about is that they had an offer on Facebook, saying you would get an extra sample if you renewed by March 24, and all existing 3- and 6-month subscriptions would be automatically upgraded. In fact they even answered people's queries about the existing subs. I had an existing 3-monther that gets over with this box, and I renewed for 6 months, but I didn't get a fourth sample. Do I want to take this up with them or let it go because the box was good? You decide.
EDIT: My Lush Aqua Marina was 100gm. Think they may have quoted the price for 200gm. 
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