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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Beauty box: My April 2013 Enchantess Bag contents and review

April 2013 Enchantess Bag contents and review
My April Enchantess bag finally arrived yesterday, thanks to the freight people sitting on it for ages, until the company contacted them after I raised Cain. I received:

1. Jacqui Passion Body Mist in Strawberries and Cream - Full size, 200ml
2. IBD Nail Laquer in Molly - Full size, 8ml
3. Bliss Body Bar in Lemon Sage - Sample
4. Nair hair removal cream - 25ml sample
I like body mists for summer daytime wear; they are refreshing, and I was surprised by how this one smells on the skin! I had expected to be overpowered by sweetness, but it is mildly fruity on the skin, with a citrine undertone. The expiry date is only in 2015, so I can take my time with this.
April 2013 Enchantess Bag contents and review

I absolutely love receiving nail polish in beauty boxes. I've heard of IBD, a US-made salon-only gel polish specialist, but this is their regular polish. "Molly" is a vibrant purple with blue microshimmer undertones, and the formula is a surprising winner I would rate somewhere around CG (though below my beloved O.P.I.s). I get full opacity in two coats, and here's the surprise - it is an emery board-textured matte finish polish! I've applied topcoat on alternate nails so you can see the difference. I will hop on the Enchantess website and use my discount coupons to pick up more IBDs :)

Though soap samples are becoming monotonously regular in sampling programmes, I like the smell of this, and that it is by Bliss. This is decently-sized for a sample, and is queued up outside my shower.
I would have appreciated the 25ml Nair for travel. But ever since I began IPL hair removal, I've disposed of all the Nair and Veet tubes and sprays I owned, so this will be given away on this blog shortly, to whoever evinces interest. Stay tuned for the announcement!
I'm pleased with the April bag. They've added four items - two full-sizes - without fanfare or previous promises, without any misleading communication, and I like it that they email you each time they ship your bag, with your tracking number. I also like what I received, for £4.70 or Rs 399. I should have liked to see some makeup, such as an eyeshadow or a bronzer, but I'm glad I can use almost everything I got. And, best of all, these are all international brands, most of which I've never tried before. Bring on more polish from other brands, or indies, I say!

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