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Friday, July 26, 2013

July 2013 Vellvette box review, unboxing, photos: Beauty box

The July Vellvette box has been themed the Quick-Fix box. I had expected nail polish remover, hair spray and anti-zit/blemish creams for this theme. Fixes are, apparently, relative.

The box arrived undamaged, with a fuchsia ribbon. There were three glass bottles inside so everything was bubble-wrapped. It is a rather nail-centric box. Here are the contents:
1. Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
2. Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist
3. LA Splash Lash Splash Mascara
4. Bling Nail wraps
5. Layla Nail polish
Sally Hansen Miracle Cure: I might just have become a little excited about this if I didn't own it already. Not their fault, but I'm permitted to be subjective. And why didn't they send the outer box along? When I bought Miracle Cure I got it in a box with all the literature and manufacturing details (see picture below)! I'm selling this one off for a nominal postage cost. There isn't any information about the expiry - which was on the box, and the gold cap seems to have caught a fungal infection - thrush or candidiasis?
Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist: If I did send a body mist in a paid-sampling programme, I would make it full-sized. Samples are for Eau de Parfums or even EDTs. Anyway, I'm not a fan of the smell. Very "local chav". And the brand's soap they sent in my March box gave me an allergy. Palming this off on whoever is most gullible and secretly disliked in my circle. Or a colleague with body odour.

LA Splash Lash Splash Mascara: Given the fiasco with the LA Splash eyeliner from the June box, I don't know how this will work on the eyes, but the brush seems similar to the Masterpiece wand. I've applied it to my forearm. While it's smudgeproof, it peels a bit. Will give it a try on the eyes.
Here are the mascara swatches - LA Splash alone (above); then (below) from left - Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes (reviewed here), LA Splash, Max Factor Masterpiece and No 7 Extreme Length. As you can see, despite thorough swatching, the second from left - LA Splash - has the least pigmentation.
Bling nail wraps: Does anyone use nail wraps any more? I've tried 3-4  and they fell off two minutes after application. Another's glue gave me red nail beds. To be palmed off, maybe on bling-loving toddler. Or not, poor kiddie.
Layla Nail polish: I've never used Layla polish before and was excited about this - until I saw the colour. Sorry, I don't do neon. This colour, you can see from Mars with your n@ked-eye. I had already mentioned in my questionnaire that my style was subtle, not fluorescent. Who listens to me, though? Selling it, unopened, unswatched.
Vellvette boxes cost only INR400 or GBP4.40 or $6.70. But having been subscribing since February, I'm now wondering why I don't save that money and buy more expensive boxes, maybe less frequently. It feels like I paid that amount only for the not-so-pigmented mascara, which may or may not work well. My issue is, send what people can use, according to their questionnaire/profile, or don't send at all. If you send me Chanel foundation for dry skin or lip gloss I'd find fault with you anyway because I can't use them. Why else did I fill in that dang questionnaire?
At the risk of incurring a dozen hate-comments like the last time, I must say that though my Glam Guru July box is four times as expensive, it had nine generous products and a pouch and I can use every single item nicely. That is a personalised box.

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