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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Organising Life With Everyday Planners

Until a couple of years ago, I used to keep a daily diary for reminders and to-do's, as well as for jotting down everyday happenings. The demands of professional life meant that there were fewer journal entries and more to-do lists and appointments, so I shifted to daily planners.
If you have a full-time job, a home to run and a blog to update, then a planner can make life much, much easier. Since February, I have been loving the Everyday Life Planner from Nirmala Franklin. Scroll down to take a closer look at my Everyday Planner.

Take a closer look at my Everyday Planner

I am a pen-and-paper person and prefer an actual planner to reminders popping up on the mobile. The Everyday Planner (PR sample) comes with pretty paisley-patterned covers in protective lamination. It is generously sized, at 7.25" x 9.25", and has 170 pages, including dedicated pages for addresses, accounts, notes and annual and monthly calendars.
Take a closer look at my Everyday Planner

The brainchild of crafter mom Nirmala Franklin, this is one sturdy planner, with metal coil binding. And I love the pretty rainbow paisley pattern and the inclusion of inspiring quotes, which feature on every monthly calendar. The 100GSM paper means I don't have to worry about the ink spreading or smudging, even when I use a fountain pen. 
Take a closer look at my Everyday Planner

There are colourful laminated tabs separating each month. I suck at prettying up, drawing, crafting and even using coloured pens or markers and pasting stickers, so I'm glad this planner is already pretty without any effort on my part.
Take a closer look at my Everyday Planner

Hopefully that's how my birthday will go next month! Oh, and hopefully I'll get some fountain pens as prezzies - pictured is the only Sheaffer Targa in my collection. The inlaid 14k gold nib is the smoothest ever. And no, I never use biros (ball-point pens).
I'll post more spreads on my Instagram as I fill 'em up.
Take a closer look at my Everyday Planner

The Everyday Planner also comes with a double-sided pocket folder and a zip pouch. Handy to store receipts, gift cards, important letters and invoices and so on.
 Nirmala Franklin's is the best everyday life planner available in India.

What I love the most about this planner is that it comes with four colourful sheets of stickers to mark appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and paydays. One set of stickers is blank so you can personalise each sticker as you like.
 Nirmala Franklin's is the best everyday life planner available in India.

Verdict and where to buy

This is without a doubt the best planner I've seen in India. There are other options available worldwide, but shipping costs could be prohibitive. I love the generous size and layout, the colourful design - you don't have to struggle to pretty up this planner - and the thoughtful inclusion of stickers, tabs, holders and calendars to take the hassle out of planning.
Right now, there are five cover design options available. I would love to see more designs, as well as options to personalise the front cover and inside pages, and maybe an option to buy a faux leather filofax-style holder for the planner, credit cards and other ephemera. Also, size options (including smaller pocket planners) would be welcome.
Nirmala Franklin's Everyday Life Planners cost INR2,999 each. You can buy them here.

 Planner, journal or reminders on your phone? How do you stay organised? Tell me in the Disqus comments widget below.

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