Saturday, February 16, 2013

Soaps of glory

Apologies for the really bad headline. 1. I worked at the editorial at a magazine, and I joined as a staid, sober person, but was encouraged to give quirky headlines. 2. It's the weekend!
Anyway, I love my shower gels, scrubs and jellies. But there are times when I fall for a pretty or nice-smelling soap.
Don't these look good enough to eat? It was love at first sight for me the moment I saw them. The first one is a chocolate chip bar. The second one is ginger and lemongrass. The third and rather bland-looking one is tea tree. I have never heard of this brand before, and the packaging is just clear wrap. They claim to be 100% vegetarian and "handcrafted using natural ingredients". They smell absolutely great.
According to the ingredients label, the chocolate chips soap contains real chocolate chips. It smells like it, certainly. Should I try chewing a bit off in the shower? Doesn't the ginger lemongrass soap remind you of carrot-and-beans?

The problem with them is, on the one hand, I am aching to try them out. On the other hand, despite their expiry date later this year, I don't feel like using them; I'd rather just look at them :)
Have a great weekend, everyone x



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