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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Beauty Expert, LookFantastic Exclusive Beauty Box Collections Feb '19

In February 2019, two exclusive beauty boxes are launching. These are not monthly subscriptions, but one-off seasonal curations that contain only full-sized products, and are worth a lot more than the asking price.
The first is the Beauty Expert Collection - The Vegan Edition, with fully #veganbeauty products.
The second one is LookFantastic's Rose Collection for Valentine's Day, where all products are rose-themed.
The Beauty Expert Vegan Collection costs £80 and is worth £180+, while the LookFantastic Valentine's Day box costs £60 and is worth more than £150. Both ship worldwide.

Scroll down for more information, spoilers, and contents of Beauty Expert and LookFantastic Beauty Collections for February 2019.

Beauty Expert and LookFantastic Beauty Collections for February 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

First Makeup Giveaway Of 2019 Open Worldwide

As promised earlier, here's the very first giveaway of 2019. A bit late, given that my blogiversary went by without a whimper. As I said, the year hasn't had the best of starts for me, with a massive health scare for my Dad (multiple clots in brain, odontoid fracture, and peripheral neuropathy). We're hoping and praying that things resolve soon, so please do bear with me.
As though that wasn't enough, I ended up with wheat exposure, and landed in the ER for the first time since August. Cue hydrocort and antihistamine shots, and now there's acne to boot, as a result of the former. Ah well.
Anyway. Giveaway. Prizes first. ONE winner gets everything in the photograph below.

Scroll down to enter my First Makeup Giveaway Of 2019.

First Makeup Giveaway Of 2019 Open Worldwide

Monday, January 14, 2019

Holiday 2018 Giveaway Results+ Giveaway Announcements

The first thing to do is apologise to you for being AWOL on this blog. Without going into a sob-story, or airing my laundry here, 2019 hasn't had the greatest of starts for me. And, just when I thought life was beginning to look up in the second week, my Dad ends up diagnosed with multiple brain clots, peripheral neuropathy, and an odontoid fracture. Hopefully, things will improve as the year progresses.
Which is why I was not only AWOL, but also late with these results.
Now, before I tell you the results, here's the plan for the next couple of giveaways. I have a fabulous, fun beauty-themed 2019 year planner that I got as a GWP from The Face Shop (no, it's BIG, not small) - I got two as I had two skincare hauls - to give away first. That giveaway goes live within a couple of hours of this post, but will end in two weeks, because you want your 2019 planner sooner rather than later. Trust me, it is a seriously fun planner and a must-have for every beauty junkie!
There will obviously be a makeup giveaway for my blogiversary, but it starts in the last week of January (depending on my schedule) - so do stay tuned for that. Hint: Hello Kitty is involved!
Right. Now that I've whetted your appetites, let's get on with the results of the Holiday 2019 giveaway.
Holiday 2018 Giveaway Results

Thursday, November 22, 2018

ULTIMATE Cyber Week Deals & Codes + BARGAIN Beauty Sets Available Worldwide

The biggest sales weekend of the year is here. I have ALL the Black Friday deals and steals, offers, and codes that are available worldwide. This blog and video channel take pride in being as inclusive as possible, so going forward, I will - as far as possible - include offers, products, and so on that ship worldwide.
So, no matter where you are around the globe, rejoice - here are ALL the Black Friday codes, deals, and offers that are available worldwide!
This year, I'm not doing a bazillion different Holiday Gift Guides - instead, I am listing the best bargain beauty gift sets, again, that are available worldwide. I've divided these into multi-brand, skincare, makeup, tools, and bath and body gift sets, and have also included gift sets for men. Let's make beauty 100% inclusive!
By the way, I just found that NuFace gift sets - including the rose gold edition of the device itself - are available for £118, at £40 less, here. You also get a whopping 25% off the LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar. More deals are further below. 
Please note that codes MAY change after Black Friday, for Cyber Weekend, as well as on Cyber Monday, so make sure you bookmark this page, as I'll be coming back here and updating the codes as they change over the whole of Cyber Week.
Enough rambling! Let's go jump into all the excitement, for this, right here is your ULTIMATE Black Friday 2018 Shopping Guide!

NOTICE: I had not noticed that this post was accidentally published instead of being saved to drafts on Thursday, while it was being written. Thankfully, none of the codes or offers was leaked, BUT you may have seen badly written notes for products and retailer names, which must have made NO sense. The error is regretted. 

Scroll down for ALL the Black Friday codes and offers available worldwide, and the best bargain beauty gift sets for Holiday 2018.

ULTIMATE Black Friday Week Deals & Codes and BARGAIN Beauty Sets Available Worldwide

Monday, November 12, 2018

Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2018 Open Worldwide

As promised, here is my Holiday 2018 Makeup Giveaway - open worldwide. This, obviously, is the last giveaway of this year, but we resume in January, as I celebrate SIX years of this blog. I know I've concentrated on YouTube, and haven't been as active as I would like on this blog, but I promise you that I'm still here!
Anyway. Holiday Giveaway. Prizes first. ONE winner gets everything in the photograph below.

Scroll down to enter my Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2018.

Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Autumn Makeup Giveaway 2018 Results

Before anything else - today marks the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War One, and the signing of the Armistice. Thirty-two men from my Gramps's village went out to fight, in 1914. Only thirty-one returned. The War touched every corner of the globe, in one way or the other. This, for me, is a moment to remember the fallen, and to pledge to do what we can to bring about peace and avoid war. We will remember.

Right. On to less solemn things. Giveaways. I have my Holiday giveaway starting out today, in a bit. I also have the results of the Autumn Giveaway. I know some of you were quite impatient for this one; my apologies - I went through the entries in five days, which is a bit of a record for me, TBH!
Autumn Makeup Giveaway 2018 Results

A couple of things to get out of the way:
  • If I do not hear back in 48 hours, I will choose another winner.  
  • Once I hear from the winner, I will post as soon as possible - within the same week, depending on when I get nip out to the PO.
  • If the post office tells me I cannot ship something among these, I will have to replace them with other makeup products.
  • International postal systems are now cautious, so there could be delays of eight weeks or more since each postal system and customs tends to examine everything multiple times. Also, as I found out last time, there WILL be delays if there's inclement weather, tsunamis, or any kind of incident as well.
  • Your prize will be sent either tracked/recorded/signed-for, with proof of postage.
  • I am not responsible for duties, surcharges and other taxes or if the product is damaged, delayed or lost in the post. All I can do is offer my sympathy and commiserations.
  • If the prize is lost in the post, I'll be sad and can give you the proof of postage and tracking details, but that is all.
Now let's get to the pleasant stuff - the winner!

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Cult Beauty Best of 2018 Goody Bag Ships WW Free

My goodness, it never rains, but pours! Hardly had we seen the GINORMOUS Space NK GWP - see here - than the Cult Beauty Best of 2018 Goody Bag launches, with SEVEN full-sized products. There are 20 products in this GWP, including a £15 gift card. Products include lippies from Jouer, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Lime Crime. The Cult Beauty Best of 2018 GWP indeed ships worldwide from here - free - and is available upon purchase of products worth £175 from Cult Beauty. If you cannot see the bag, please go here - you may need to use code BESTOF18. You'll see the full contents, and my purchase suggestions, further below.
Obviously, you know I'm getting the Huda New Nude palette

Scroll down for full spoilers and contents of the Cult Beauty Best of 2018 Goody Bag.

Here are the full spoilers and contents of the Cult Beauty Best of 2018 Goody Bag, a makeup and skincare GWP that ships worldwide free.

Space NK The Party Piece Christmas Crackers GWP 2018 Available Worldwide

Space NK's Holiday 2018 Gift With Purchase is here - the Party Piece - and it is worth more than £500! Like last year's Holiday GWP, this one is also in the form of 12 lovely Christmas crackers, and there is a Space NK Gift Card, like last year!
You can view last year's Party Piece Christmas Crackers set here
Unlike last year's 26 products, this year's GWP has a whopping 31 freebies - in addition to the gift card. Last year, the purchase threshold to be eligible for the GWP was £250. This year, it is £300.
You can open each cracker on every other day during Advent, or keep these for the 12 days of Christmas, right up to Epiphany! Or, like me, rip 'em up the moment they arrive.
This gift is entirely yours for free with purchase of products worth £300 from Space NK - both online and in-store. Use code PARTY18 at checkout, and it is added to your cart. The GWP ships worldwide; some items inside may not be allowed on air; those will be replaced by other products of similar value.

Scroll down for the contents of the Space NK The Party Piece Christmas Crackers GWP 2018

Space NK The Party Piece Christmas Crackers GWP 2018 Available Worldwide