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Monday, September 16, 2019

Summer 2019 Makeup Giveaway Results

Summer 2019 Makeup Giveaway ResultsThe results of the Summer 2019 makeup giveaway are here, and we know who's getting the full-sized set of Revolution Beauty goodies. I've been a bit late thanks to all the advent calendar posts, plus, I went in for a root canal, the dentist injected a local anaesthetic (lidocaine), and I had an allergic reaction to it right there on his chair! Cue all the roids and antihistamine shots all over again. I'm undergoing tests to find out which local anaesthetic I'm NOT allergic to, and we'll resume root canal with that. Till then, you'll see me with a wonky tooth.
Anyway. Giveaway news. The next one is very special, and rather different from the rest. It will commence in about a week or 10 days or so, depending on when I can record the video for it without showing you too much of my wonky, crownless tooth.
This giveaways results are below. Drumroll....

Thursday, September 05, 2019


Deep breath! And again. One more. Phew.
Gosh. I can't keep still for the excitement!
So this one has far more products than all the rest. That is because the 25th drawer has a whole TEN PRODUCTS in there, including a £25 gift card. The calendar costs £195, and, believe me, the full-sized products inside are ALONE indeed worth more than that, as you will see below. The net worth of the calendar is claimed to be more than £680.
The packaging is very pretty and girly, rather unlike the other Christmassy reds, greens, navy blues, deep purples, golds, silvers, and whites. This one is a Summery pink-orange-purpley-blue combination on the outside, and opens up to an aquamarine set of drawers inside. And the contents are different as well - NO Eve Lom Cleanser, Omorovicza Mist, NARS Orgasm mini, and so on!
Teaser before you scroll down - THERE ARE THIRTY-FIVE PRODUCTS IN THIS ADVENT CALENDAR (and I've made a bazillion spelling mistakes in this post because my fingers are trembling). 

Scroll down for the spoilers, contents, and cost breakdown of the CULT BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDAR 2019.

 Here are the spoilers, contents, and cost breakdown of the CULT BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDAR 2019, which ships worldwide.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Space NK The Experts Edit Autumn 2019 Gift With Purchase Available Worldwide

Space NK's Autumn 2019 gift with purchase is here, and it is titled the Expert Edit - it contains products chosen by long-serving Space NK employees. There are 27 products in here, with a net worth of £285. The gift is yours with purchase of products of £175 and above from Space NK, and ships worldwide.
This GWP does NOT include so many repeats, including the Eve Lom cleansing balm, the Nars Orgasm blush, the Omorovicza mist, and so on. Yes, there are a couple of repeats from previous goody bags - the REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot is the main one here - and there are no full-sized products at all. But then this is something that's free, a little extra, with purchase, so if you're hauling anyway, or even getting an early start on your Christmas shopping (December is just three months away, people!), this is a nice incentive, and I prefer doing my shopping when there's a GWP around. I also like the inclusion of some relatively recent launches.

Here are full spoilers and contents of Space NK The Expert Edit goodie bag, an Autumn 2019 gift with purchase that ships worldwide.

 Here are full spoilers and contents of Space NK The Expert Edit goodie bag, an Autumn 2019 gift with purchase that ships worldwide.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cult Beauty The USA Goody Bag For Autumn 2019 Now Available Worldwide

With the end of Summer come all the gifts with purchase, and leading the charge is Cult Beauty, with a 23-piece offering of beauty goodies originating in the USA. The Autumn goody bag is yours free with purchase of products worth £140 from Cult Beauty, and includes a £15 gift card. The contents inside are worth more than £220, and the goodies ship worldwide.
Eight products are makeup, and there are five mask products - I would call this the Mask Goody Bag! You also have some very recent launches on Cult Beauty, and the fabulous Glow Recipe.
To be honest, this curation is something that I find unexpected - I was expecting other products, other brands in here - Omorovicza, Huda Beauty, and so on. This is one set of very new brands, for a gift with purchase.

Here are the full contents and spoilers of the Cult Beauty The USA Goody Bag For Autumn 2019, a gift with purchase now available worldwide.

Here are the full contents and spoilers of the Cult Beauty The USA Goody Bag for Autumn 2019, a gift with purchase now available worldwide.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Fortnum & Mason Beauty Advent Calendar AVAILABLE ON PRE-ORDER NOW: Spoilers, Contents

They've started coming in. The first to hit that checkout button is Fortnum & Mason. Last year, they did their first beauty advent calendar, which yours truly foolishly did NOT buy, and then Mum offered to sponsor it (she HATES buying Christmas presents for anyone, because apparently people ought to choose their own gifts, and send her the bill), by which time it had sold out.
This year, I promised myself I would make no such mistake, and it is indeed my first 2019 beauty advent calendar - though it will probably be the last one to arrive.
Details first. £195. Net worth of more than £750. 25 products inside, of which 13 are full-sized. Pre-order is open now, from here. Shipping commences only from October 25. Boo! How on EARTH are people expected to wait that long? I swear I'll have worn out half my teeth by then.
Fortnum & Mason ship to most countries around the world. HOWEVER. Some exclusions apply, depending on where you live, so given that this advent calendar contains perfumes and a candle, it may not ship out where you live, so do check that out first.

Other Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 news:

The Fortnum & Mason Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 is available for pre-order now from here

Here are the full spoilers and contents of the Fortnum & Mason Beauty Advent Calendar 2019, available worldwide for pre-order now.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


An Advent Calendar (a calendar that has a countdown during Advent, right up to Christmas, often with a Nativity scene, a poem, or a little surprise, behind each date).
A Beauty Advent Calendar, obviously, is a curation of beauty products arranged behind closed windows, doors, or boxes, in a "calendar" format, as a countdown to Christmas Day.
Here, I'm showing you more than 40 of the best beauty advent calendars to look forward to for Christmas 2019. There are spoilers for some of the beauty advent calendars mentioned here.
Before we get going, one more thing - the vast majority of these do ship worldwide. There COULD be some exceptions depending on the brands included, and if there are perfumes or nail polishes or other HAZMAT inside. I will specify if I know about this for sure. Again, individual country exceptions could apply even if I'm told that they ship worldwide.
Lastly, more spoilers continue to come in, and I will update them as and when they are released. Bookmark this page, check back from September first week, and you’re all set! Off we go.

Scroll down for full spoilers and contents of ALL THE BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS FOR CHRISTMAS 2019, and to find out which ones to buy.

Full spoilers and contents of ALL THE BEST BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS FOR CHRISTMAS 2019, including launch dates, price, availability, shipping, and more.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 FULL SPOILERS AND CONTENTS

It is Advent Calendar season again - my favourite time of the year, and when you'll see my dour expression replaced by excitement and animation.
Over the coming weekend, I will have full spoilers and contents of more than 40 beauty advent calendars up for you, both here as well as on my YouTube channel. But because this one is always a sell-out, and because it was my own first-ever beauty advent calendar (I haven't missed one in four whole years), I thought I'd tell you about the LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar for 2019 rightaway.
Like last year (see here), the price is £79. Like last year, there are 25 products. However, the worth of the contents inside is £420! It was only 300 last year.
Unlike last year, the packaging is a gorgeous navy blue and gold. Stop it and tell us what's inside, you say? Coming right up.


Here are full spoilers and contents of the LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar for 2019.

Thursday, July 25, 2019


I've got over men alright, but there's one thing I haven't ever got over - the Memebox. Remember it, anyone? Korean beauty box that shipped worldwide? Best beauty box EVER? Came JAM-PACKED with beauty products, all full-sized, and in myriad themes and variants, from Superfood, Wine and Cheese, and Chocolate, to weird ingredients, colour- and scent-themed boxes, and regular monthly boxes. New here, and don't believe a WORD I say? Go here rightaway to check out ALL my Memebox unboxings. I bought more than 50 (60?) of the things in a span of about a year and a half.
The problem is that Memebox RUINED all other beauty boxes for me. I am no longer satisfied with half-baked samples. Don't give me random scrubs. Or pencil liners. Or old shite that won't sell, and you want to shill. Or anything that's not thoughtfully curated, but is haphazardly thrown in a box.
Rose Rose Shop, a Korean beauty retailer who ships worldwide, used to do sampler boxes. But the samples were small, and you also got things like fashion earrings, which I did not want. I did buy the one sampler - see here for my unboxing. Then, they stopped those.
Recently, RRS has been doing Mystery Boxes! This is their second season of doing these - I missed out on the first box. They promise at LEAST seven full-sized products, WITHOUT counting sheet masks. That was a deal-clencher for me. For $35, including FREE worldwide shipping, that's just about $5 per product! Plus, you also get samples and other things.
I ordered mine immediately, and was pleased to find that I got EIGHT full-sized products, including three makeup. In addition to those, I also got a bunch of samples, and four sheet masks. To know exactly what I received, go straight down!

Scroll down for the contents, review, and unboxing of the Rose Secret Box Season 2, a Korean mystery beauty box that ships worldwide.

Here are the contents, review, and unboxing of the Rose Secret Box Season 2, a Korean mystery beauty box that ships worldwide
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