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Sunday, February 11, 2018

INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint Review, Demo, Comparisons

Metal and glossy lips may be attempting a comeback, but the matte lip trend is as strong as ever. The latest liquid lipstick on the bandwagon is the INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint, from Nails INC - the nail polish brand, no less. Good to see polish brands such as Models Own, Butter London, and Nails INC venture into makeup territory.
The INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paints come in a generous 14 shades, covering everything from neutrals to brights. These are just £8, for which you get 3.8ml of product, packaged in a sturdy tube, where you can see both colour and quantity of product left. There's a doefoot applicator which does the job, and the fragrance of the lipstick is very similar to that of Jouer Long Wear Lip Cremes, or the Huda Beauty Lip Mattes - tropical and sweet, but not irritatingly strong.

Scroll down for the review and demo of the INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paints.

INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint Review, Demo, Comparisons

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Beauty Empties January 2018 + Project Pan Challenge

January 2018 marks the start of my 12-month Project Pan challenge. This is a group collab on YouTube, wherein six beauty YouTubers have set themselves individual targets for finishing up products in their stash. These targets vary; in my case, I've chosen the rather ambitious figure of 118 beauty products to be used up in 2018! Of these eight NEED to be makeup products; the rest can be skincare.
The other vloggers participating in the collab are Ashley DeVino, Kirstie of Behind the Scenes, Krista Burtner, Kathleen of Rented Fashion, and Tina Maughan - do check out their channels!
In January, I've managed to use up 14 products, which means I only have 114 products to go in 11 months. Unfortunately, none of these is makeup, but hopefully I can get some cosmetics used up over the next few months.

Scroll down for the beauty products I used up in January 2018, and for my thoughts on each.

Beauty Empties January 2018 + Project Pan Challenge

Monday, January 29, 2018

LookFantastic Beauty Box January 2018 Unboxing, Review, Contents

A New Year means taking stock of everything, beauty box subscriptions included. I've decided to keep just the one subscription box this year, and it is the LookFantastic Beauty Box.
Why? For starters, it's just £12 or so per month, since I'm on a long-term subscription. For another, I don't pay upfront; only each month when the box ships out. For a third, there are some nice perks, such as a discount on the amazing Advent Calendar. Fourthly, on an average, the boxes are quite nice, and come with extras such as the Elle Magazine.
So let's take a look at LookFantastic's first beauty box for 2018. They've revamped the box design - a nice periwinkle blue and mint green combo. The product leaflet has also undergone a makeover.

Scroll down for the contents of the LookFantastic Beauty Box January 2018.

LookFantastic Beauty Box January 2018 Unboxing, Review, Contents

Friday, January 26, 2018

Anti-Haul Q1 2018: Ten Beauty Products I'm Not Buying

I've never done an anti-haul post before; primarily because I hadn't gone through a phase where I've found a bunch of products that were meh - until now.
There's are several reasons I find myself underwhelmed by these products. For starters, there's the launch pace. I mean, brands are churning out products at such a rate that
For another, there's the rationale behind some of these - if it ain't broken don't fix it, but a number of these products seem to do just that; compete with their own existing, successful lines.
Another reason is that I've never been attracted to some of these trends. Everyone seems to be hopping on to some of these trends right now, without bothering to research whether their usual clientele even goes in for those trends.
Inferior quality is also why I'm avoiding at least two of these products.
With two others mentioned here, I'm staying away because they will not suit me; either shade-wise or skin type-wise.
Whatever my reasons - you'll know them in detail in a minute - the fact is that brands need to sit down and rethink their launch pace, their raison d'etre, their target market's preferences, the necessity - and type - of a new product, and packaging.

Scroll down for my first anti-haul of the year; here are 10 beauty products I'm not buying this year.

My first anti-haul of the year; here are 10 underwhelming beauty products I'm not buying in January-March 2018.

Monday, January 22, 2018

SNP Sheet Masks for Hydration in Dry Weather

I first came across Korean brand SNP thanks to Memebox, back in their halcyon days. The brand stands for "Shine Nature Purity". The sheet masks were gentle and soothing, and they did not break me out at all. Through 2016, I did not use too many sheet masks, because of my battle with huge nodular cystic breakouts.
Recently, I rediscovered SNP and found that they have some neat sheet masks which are actually out of the common, given the ingredients!

Scroll down for more on the SNP sheet masks from Kollshop.

SNP Sheet Masks for Hydration in Dry Weather
pr sample

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fifth Blogiversary Makeup Giveaway 2018

Can you believe it has been five whole years since I began this blog? I began it in order to keep track of my growing makeup collection; it hasn't really helped! Nor has this blog grown all that much. But that's not what I'm doing here. Blogging here makes me happy. It makes me forget any unpleasantness. It brings a smile to my face, no matter what the circumstances. It is also why I want no competitiveness in here - takes the fun out of makeup, I tell you!
Even so, the fact is that I keep going also because of you readers who are here. You make it all worthwhile. I wouldn't be here if I went to Google Analytics and saw zero readers after five years.
So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
I was going to do a bigger giveaway, with a couple of gorgeous palettes. Unfortunately, one of them hasn't arrived. I'll give that one away for my birthday in April, I promise.
Now, I'm giving away six full-sized makeup products, including a full-sized eyeshadow palette, makeup applicators, lippies, cheek products, and so on.

Scroll down to enter my Blogiversary Makeup Giveaway 2018.

 Enter my Blogiversary Makeup Giveaway 2018 for a chance to win six full-sized makeup products!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fresh-Faced Makeup Look: Fresh Start For 2018

I had a very good first-half of 2017. Then, halfway through, Dad got bitten by a snake, and I was hospitalised with a severe case of anaphylaxis. Dad's doing better now, but then Gramps fell ill. I have allergy tests scheduled for next week.
So I hope 2018 is a lot better. To signify a fresh start for this year, I decided to do a fresh-faced makeup look. Dewy and soft, with very sheer foundation. Some mild peripheral warmth - no great contour. Soft neutral daytime-smoky eyes, and a gorgeously dusty-rose lipstick with coral undertones.

Scroll down for a wearable, fresh-faced makeup look tutorial, to make a fresh start for 2018! 

Here's a a wearable, fresh-faced makeup look tutorial, to make a fresh start for 2018.

Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2017 Results

It took me a full 10 days to verify the entries of the Holiday 2017 Makeup Giveaway. That is because my beloved Gramps was ill over the last couple of weeks. He was rushed to hospital after spitting up blood. Thankfully, they identified the ruptured blood vessel and healed it, BUT the bad news is that the dreaded cancer is back.
Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2017 ResultsI haven't dealt very well with it. This is the man who pretty much raised me, and is more or less responsible for my life ethic, as well as my interest in literature and history.
Gramps is known as the "Godfather of Shipping" in Cochin Port - several generations in the family, from his grandfather and father, down to my own Dad, have worked in the shipping industry, and some 15 years after retirement, Gramps still gets visitors every day to clear doubts regarding freight transport processes.
And, when I broke down in front of him last week, he berated me soundly for the breakdown, and also for neglecting my blog and YouTube - apparently he watches out for my videos. It made me howl all the more.
Anyway, you know I hate talking about personal stuff in here. It's just that we've had a real scare with him, and he's my absolute hero.
So, on to the Holiday 2017 Giveaway results. Drumroll....