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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Spring 2019 Makeup Giveaway Open Worldwide

I've had a rather hectic week with allergy issues - third time in the ER in 2019, and we're barely in the fourth month, so things aren't going as planned for me. Hopefully things will begin to look up from next week - it's my birthday on the 14th!
On a brighter note, as promised, here's my Spring 2019 makeup giveaway, open worldwide. This is more of a Spring-Summer giveaway, and contains eight makeup products and a bag.
Please scroll down for the entry form.

January-March 2019 Makeup Giveaway Results

Apologies for the delay in publishing the results of the first giveaway of 2019; I ended up in the ER with swollen eyelids and ears, urticaria, and breathing and swallowing difficulty, after eating some Cadbury's which contained wheat crispies - who knew CHOCOLATE contained wheat???? I thought they were rice crispies. Anyway, steroids and antihistamines (and a moon-face) later, I finally got around to verifying the entries.
The next giveaway will start later tonight, so do stay tuned for that... it is my Spring Makeup Giveaway, and the prizes are some very exciting goodies.
Before that, scroll down for the winner's name!
January-March 2019 Makeup Giveaway Results

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

B-Glowing Springtime Bounty Beauty Bundle GWP Available Worldwide Now

B-Glowing's Springtime Bounty Beauty Bundle 2019 is a MAMMOTH gift with purchase that is available worldwide, including full-sized Bioderma, a full-size Wander Beauty palette, and lots more.
For those in the new, B-Glowing is a US-based beauty retailer who ships worldwide. They carry IT Cosmetics, By Terry, Artis, and a bunch of other top brands. They do regular GWPs, but this one is easily their best till date.
It's certainly raining GWPs right now. Space NK's Spring Beauty Edit - see deets here - is also now available worldwide. 
This gift with purchase is available FREE upon purchase of products worth $200 from B-Glowing here; no need of any code. They ship worldwide.

Scroll down for the contents of the B-Glowing Springtime Bounty Beauty Bundle 2019.

Here are the contents of the B-Glowing Springtime Bounty Beauty Bundle 2019, a free gift with purchase that ships worldwide.

Space NK Spring Beauty Edit GWP Available Worldwide From 13 March!

Space NK's Spring Beauty Edit for 2019 launched a little later this year - usually they have theirs in late February; this time's gift with purchase comes by the end of the first week of March. They accidentally launched a little too early, owing to some glitch, on the 6th of March, and then the offer was taken down within about half an hour - by which time some people ended up buying it! Space NK then confirmed on Instagram that the GWP would launch about a week later, and everyone would get theirs at around the same time.
This is a free gift of 27 products that you get when you purchase products on their website for £175. It comes with a makeup mat, a Diptyque candle, the new Omorovicza Vitamin C, and more. But all that in a minute. Get yours here - use code BEAUTY19 at checkout.

Scroll down for the contents of the Space NK Spring Beauty Edit 2019.

 Contents of the Space NK Spring Beauty Edit goody bag March 2019, available worldwide as a gift with purchase.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Cult Beauty Founders' Goody Bag GWP Now Available Worldwide

The first big gift with purchase of 2019 is here, and it is from Cult Beauty. The set is a 23-piece collection of products from "industry leaders worldwide", and comes with a £15 gift card (right in time for my birthday, haha).
The whole thing is worth more than £350, and is yours free with purchase of products worth £175. VIPs (customers who have spent £500+ in a calendar year on the website) get early access with code FOUNDERS19. All customers get access from Monday, 25 February, without any code, upon adding products worth £175 in your cart.
The products included cover makeup - there's a Shiseido lipstick in there, people - skincare, hair care, and bath and body, and there's a variety of new brands, not the usual suspects.
I'll tell you what's inside the goody bag, and what I'm buying!

Scroll down for the contents of the Cult Beauty Founders' Goody Bag GWP for Spring 2019.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Beauty Expert, LookFantastic Exclusive Beauty Box Collections Feb '19

In February 2019, two exclusive beauty boxes are launching. These are not monthly subscriptions, but one-off seasonal curations that contain only full-sized products, and are worth a lot more than the asking price.
The first is the Beauty Expert Collection - The Vegan Edition, with fully #veganbeauty products.
The second one is LookFantastic's Rose Collection for Valentine's Day, where all products are rose-themed.
The Beauty Expert Vegan Collection costs £80 and is worth £180+, while the LookFantastic Valentine's Day box costs £60 and is worth more than £150. Both ship worldwide.

Scroll down for more information, spoilers, and contents of Beauty Expert and LookFantastic Beauty Collections for February 2019.

Beauty Expert and LookFantastic Beauty Collections for February 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

First Makeup Giveaway Of 2019 Open Worldwide

As promised earlier, here's the very first giveaway of 2019. A bit late, given that my blogiversary went by without a whimper. As I said, the year hasn't had the best of starts for me, with a massive health scare for my Dad (multiple clots in brain, odontoid fracture, and peripheral neuropathy). We're hoping and praying that things resolve soon, so please do bear with me.
As though that wasn't enough, I ended up with wheat exposure, and landed in the ER for the first time since August. Cue hydrocort and antihistamine shots, and now there's acne to boot, as a result of the former. Ah well.
Anyway. Giveaway. Prizes first. ONE winner gets everything in the photograph below.

Scroll down to enter my First Makeup Giveaway Of 2019.

First Makeup Giveaway Of 2019 Open Worldwide

Monday, January 14, 2019

Holiday 2018 Giveaway Results+ Giveaway Announcements

The first thing to do is apologise to you for being AWOL on this blog. Without going into a sob-story, or airing my laundry here, 2019 hasn't had the greatest of starts for me. And, just when I thought life was beginning to look up in the second week, my Dad ends up diagnosed with multiple brain clots, peripheral neuropathy, and an odontoid fracture. Hopefully, things will improve as the year progresses.
Which is why I was not only AWOL, but also late with these results.
Now, before I tell you the results, here's the plan for the next couple of giveaways. I have a fabulous, fun beauty-themed 2019 year planner that I got as a GWP from The Face Shop (no, it's BIG, not small) - I got two as I had two skincare hauls - to give away first. That giveaway goes live within a couple of hours of this post, but will end in two weeks, because you want your 2019 planner sooner rather than later. Trust me, it is a seriously fun planner and a must-have for every beauty junkie!
There will obviously be a makeup giveaway for my blogiversary, but it starts in the last week of January (depending on my schedule) - so do stay tuned for that. Hint: Hello Kitty is involved!
Right. Now that I've whetted your appetites, let's get on with the results of the Holiday 2019 giveaway.
Holiday 2018 Giveaway Results