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Another one bites the dust: Hellocotton closes

Just saw a message on the Hellocotton site that they're shutting shop. If this had come on Monday, I would have thought it a joke. What is going on, first Google Reader (not GFC!) and now Hellocotton? What next, She Said Beauty? Blogger itself?
Anyway, here are my remaining follow options - apart from the GFC widget on the top of the sidebar:
I've added Networked Blogs to substitute for Hellocotton
She Said Beauty
Facebook page of My Beauty Junction

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  1. I think everything you put an RSS Feed into to make is in trouble! Did we have to do that for shesaidbeauty or bloglovin? I don't remember!

  2. I will miss Hellocotton, not only for the RSS feed to publicize my blog, but because of their translate feature. I loved being able to read blogs that were not written in English & learn about a different culture & new products. Sad :(

  3. @Nadja: We had to enter the RSS thingie for Bloglovin', but not for She Said Beauty.
    @Allison: I know :( I love Hellocotton. Whyyyyy do they want to shut down!

  4. Oh no... at least I can follow you with bloglovin' :D


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