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Review: Lush Sympathy For The Skin

Lush Sympathy For The Skin is currently my favourite hand and body lotion. It is a light-weight creamy lotion that leaves a silky finish to your skin. It smells beyond fabulous - of vanilla and bananas. It contains organic bananas, cocoa butter, vanilla, almond oil, lemon oil, labdanum and sandalwood perfume. It looks like vanilla icecream with flecks of cocoa powder and smells like milkshake. Okay, I have to stop raving about the smell.

You only need the tiniest bit - I've been using it for two weeks on my arms and legs and you can see I've hardly made a dent (sorry for my fingermarks). The "cream" spreads into a light lotion when it's applied to the skin (see picture below), which is why a very, very small amount is sufficient.
The expiry date is February 2014. I use this at night. The smell is so soothing, especially before I fall asleep, and lingers faintly on the skin even in the morning. The lotion was named after Rolling Stones' Sympathy For The Devil!

Sympathy For The Skin is as old as Lush itself. I would keep raving about it, but it does contain parabens :( Will I re-purchase? If they remove the parabens, definitely. If not, I'll wait till it gets over, go to Lush and then decide on the spur of the moment.
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  1. Looks tempting! Love how u describe the scent! Never owned any product that smelled of bananas^^

  2. I havn't tried any Lush products still.... This sounds good Nice REview dear :)

  3. would like to give it a try

  4. I love lush I always spend way too much money in there

  5. I love trying stuff like this. Thank you for the review...I will try it out!

  6. Definitely picking this up next time I'm in Lush!


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