Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shiseido buys, swatches and samples

Who said men don't know to shop, especially for make-up? My dad was going out of town so mum and I asked him to get us a Shiseido lippy each (we specified the shades) and a day lotion for me. Not only did he bring back the right things, he also came home with some samples for both of us. He didn't ask for samples, the SA handed over two bags, asking him to give them to his wife and daughter. Note to self: Send father for shopping with lists in future. Have a great Easter, everyone!
I bought a full-size day lotion and a Perfect Rouge in shade 711 (Venetian Rose).

I received a bag containing sample-size day lotion, softener, face mask and night cream.
My mum received eight sample vials of under-eye cream and a face wash deluxe sample tube.
The day lotion is a light face moisturiser and contains SPF15 and no parabens.

Swatches of Perfect Rouge 711 - Venetian Rose. A dusky rose with a slight metallic undertone.
In natural light
In artificial light

Swatches of Perfect Rouge 305 - Salon



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