Saturday, April 27, 2013

Super soaps and a teaser

I was shopping for a box-swap with the lovely Elle and I found and fell in love with these soaps. I like my shower gels, but am also a fan of pretty soaps. These contain 100% natural ingredients and are made by a company called Nourish Body & Bath. I can't tell you anything else about the company because they don't seem to have a website or Facebook or anything! They had quite a few more, including one shaped like a beehive and another like lips. I've sent Elle one - not going to say which - and bought myself these. They are decently-sized and smell like a dream, but I haven't used any of them and probably will keep them to look at until they develop mould/decay/something else.  I might use the white-and-orange one because it is the least pretty (smells great, though). And, no, Elle, it's not the white-and-orange one or the ones that contain nuts :P



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