Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day poppy manicure with Essie Barbados Blue nail polish

Remembrance Day poppy nail art with Essie Barbados Blue swatch
Coming from a family with some World War I and II scars, I always remember both anniversaries - Remembrance and VE Days. This time I decided to try a poppy manicure. Only, it was freehand and we all know freehand nail art and I don't gel well.
As I wanted the red to stand out, I picked Essie Barbados Blue for the base colour. A frosty ice-blue nail polish, this colour does not suit my skin tone at all and the streaky formula was difficult to work with. I needed four coats for this opacity and, even so, you can see the streak marks if you look closely enough.
The poppy red is Bourjois So Laque in shade #25 or Rouge Casino. The formula of the So Laque polishes is a dream compared to Barbados Blue. The black is my favourite China Glaze shade - Liquid Leather.
I'm going to be doing some more nail art challenges in November, so it looks like a manicure-heavy month for my blog. Ciao!
Check out some cool manis in this challenge for nubs below.




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