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My basic makeup products for daytime wear

My six basic makeup products used for daytime wearI'm leaving out the skin care; this is makeup alone - else we'll be here all day.
The photograph includes tools and multiple palettes and eyeliners for options, but I only use seven or eight makeup products in my everyday routine:
  • Face primer
  • Powder foundation
  • Sutble eyeshadow
  • Eye primer-cum-concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara 
  • Lipstick
I may tack on a blush and brow gel if I can spare the time. I do go in for a more detailed routine, including highlighter, lip liner and so on, for special occasions.

Here are the makeup products I use in my daytime routine.

Technically, moisturiser goes into skincare, but I want to mention my current Holy Grail - the Mua Star Cream from my Wishbox #14. I love this stuff. It is a mattifying moisturiser and I haven't had a peep of a breakout with it! I've already repurchased it once.
My six basic makeup products used for daytime wear
Next up - primer, and it's Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer. I will review this in detail. I've been using this since January and really like it for the matte effect and pore-blasting. This tends to pill a little,so I go very easy. As an option, I use the Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer.
My six basic makeup products used for daytime wear
And then, I've also got dark circles for the first time in my life in January, and Kat von D High Voltage Eye Primer doubles as concealer.
My basic makeup products for daytime wear
Over the last couple of weeks, I've been rotating between theBalm's Balm Voyage and Too Faced A Few of My Favourite Things and Urban Decay N@ked 3 for eyeshadows. I wanted to include all three in this post, even if it increased the number of products from six to ten!
My basic makeup products for daytime wear
Post-eyes, it's time for my HG foundation, which is Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Compact Foundation in O40. It stays on nicely, gives me full coverage and keeps me matte for longer than any other foundation.
My basic makeup products for daytime wear
Tools don't count alongside products, but I apply this with the Beautyblender Pro (the black one) which is the single most amazing makeup applicator ever! Here it is with the Mavala Makeup Corrector I always have at hand for bloopers and the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Eye Cream, which is actually in my skin care routine.
My basic makeup products for daytime wear
My basic makeup products for daytime wearMost of the time, I reach for Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes which is the only mascara that can make my non-existent lashes visible.
The eyeliner I stick to right now is the Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner reviewed here. I'm also liking the Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner from my January 2014 Lip Factory Box.
I'm not particular about blush or bronzer, but may add a spot of Lancome Blush In Love Peche Joue-Joue if I can be bothered.
My eyebrows are already  thick and dark but I sometimes like holding them in place with Benefit Gimme Brow, if I can remember.
There is only ONE lipstick I shall always love, forsaking all others - Chanel Rouge Double Intensite in Rose Garnet. This does not need touch-ups. Unfortunately, Chanel has discontinued the shade, and I've been clever enough to hoard six or seven tubes. I'm seeking alternatives, though.
My basic makeup products for daytime wear
For touch ups on the face during the day, I use Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder in Matte Translucent.
My basic makeup products for daytime wearMy basic makeup products for daytime wearMy basic makeup products for daytime wear
So that's what I use in my daily makeup routine. With all these products, it takes me around 15 minutes to get ready, as I tend to get distracted by other makeup in my stash. All photographs are even more awful than usual as I'm travelling at the moment. I'll do a skincare post soon.
What makeup products do you use daily?
P.S. Remember the blog award thing? I'm in the top five! Please see here. And thanks so very much for your support, all of you! I'll come back and celebrate with you over the next week.



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