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Textured Manicure: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish

Textured black and white nail art with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish
Number of nail polishes used: Two - one creme polish and one textured polish.
Number of base coats: One.
Number of top coats: Nil.
Number of times this manicure was redone on at least two nails: Eight.
Findings: Detailed below
It was one of those almighty messes. But I think the results were worth it. Read on for more details about this textured black and white manicure using striping tape and Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish in Lick-O-Rich.
My base colour is Bourjois Blanc Raffine. It was streaky, gloopy and difficult to apply. I then used striping tape to form checks and applied Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish in Lick-O-Rich. This is a lovely textured black polish which is a dream to apply and dries to a gritty but not sharp finish. I then pulled out the striping tape, leaving the white pattern. All photographs are in natural light. These were taken three days after I applied the manicure so you can see the beginnings of tip-wear. I hope you can see the texture/grit in the polish.
Textured black and white nail art with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish Here are my findings on using striping tape with textured polish: You cannot use striping tape above textured nail polish. And, the only way you can use it below (to create lines) is by applying the thinnest coat of textured polish above. A thicker or second coat meant clumping. Then, there was the drying time. Too dry, and the striping tape for buried below immovable concrete. Not dry enough, and the tape brought off half the polish with it when I pulled it out. It took me eight tries on the thumb and index finger to find the right combination of everything.
This is my entry to the GOT Polish Challenge themed "texture". I already have the heebie-jeebies over next week's theme, which is quite not my thing. Stay tuned with the brickbats.

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  1. pretty nail art

  2. MyBeautyJunctionMay 16, 2014

    The Sugar Coats are the only textured polishes I actually like!

  3. MyBeautyJunctionMay 16, 2014

    Thank you!

  4. Alexis @ thelittlebrunette.comMay 16, 2014

    Great nail art! I wish i didn't totally suck at doing my nails, haha!

  5. I like this it seems so simple but the texture polish adds so much more to it

  6. MyBeautyJunctionMay 18, 2014

    Lol I used to be far worse than this, it is just practice over the last one year!

  7. MyBeautyJunctionMay 18, 2014

    I am liking textured polishes more each time I use them.

  8. Love this nail art, it doesn't seem easy to get that texture


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