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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette swatch, review

Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette swatches and review
One of the things I love about travelling to different countries is being able to discover makeup brands which are specific to that region and unavailable elsewhere. Last year, I discovered Middle Eastern makeup brand Mikyajy on a trip to Qatar and fell in love with their products. Their Sabaya lipsticks are incredibly long-staying, as you can see from my review here.
I picked up a very cute eyeshadow palette recently, called Coffee Eyes. As you can guess, it is a neutral palette. Coffee Eyes is part of a series of eyeshadow palettes - the others in the series are Starry Eyes and Sunny Eyes.

Read on for my review and swatches of the Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette.

Packaging of Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette

This palette is actually the size of a typical business card. Length and breadth, that is, not thickness. It measures 2'' x 3.25''. Thickness is 0.8mm. That makes it perfect for slipping into your travel case. The design is groovy and the colour choice for the lid is earthy. There is a mirror inside and one of those horrible sponge-tip applicators. The palette is made of sturdy plastic and has already survived a drop (Klutz Confessions).
Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette swatches and review

Formula of Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette

The shadows remind me of Wet n Wild or Sleek eyeshadows as far as smoothness are concerned. Not as buttery as theBalm or IT Cosmetics eyeshadows. Not soft enough to crack within the pans, but smooth, soft enough and not dry at all.
Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette swatches and review
I always wear a primer so the colour stays true on me. I have not noticed creasing or evident fading at the end of a typical workday. Of course, I do look dull and oily all-around after a few hours, as you will see below.

Swatches of Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette

Unfortunately, the six eyeshadows in this palette have neither a name nor a number. So you will have to refer to the photo above for the shades. Swatches are in natural light, from left to right of the palette. Finger-swatches, over bare skin, one swipe each.
Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette swatches and review
Not the greatest pigmentation ever but not the worst, definitely. Over a primer, these look great, as you can see below. The first shadow (top left) and fifth (bottom middle) look similar, but the first is lighter more rose-toned.
Here is an EOTD I did with some of these, over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. This picture was taken at the END of the day, so you will have to suffer looking at my super-oily face and messy hair in cloudy natural light. Not bad for a whole day, innit?
Mikyajy Coffee Eyes eyeshadow palette swatches and review


This is an ideal travel palette. Slip this into your suitcase, and you are good for a couple of variations. However, I do wish they had a much deeper brown for dramatising a night look.
Mikyajy is available in most Middle Eastern countries, in their own stores in most malls. This palette is just 19AED each. That is US$5 or INR315, which means it certainly does not break the bank. I love the brand and will keep hauling from them each time I travel.

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