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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Autumn nail art challenge: Red and black

Autumn nail art challenge: Red and black manicure
What kind of complete klutz breaks a whole bottle of O.P.I. I'm Not Really A Waitress halfway through application for a red-themed nail art?  And then realises that this was the only true red polish she had?
I know it is well over three months since I last painted my nails. The fact is that all the travel I have been doing broke and damaged my nails badly - airplanes and lugging suitcases - and I developed weird hangnail-like protrusions from the sides. I will tell you more about them and how I solved the problem in another post. For now, I am going to celebrate my return to nail polishing with a nail art challenge series that runs through the rest of this year.
Read on for more deets and photos.

After smashing I'm Not Really A Waitress, I rummaged through my stash and came up with Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in Persephone, which I have swatched before here. Over this, I dabbed Givenchy Vernis Please in Noir Celeste, featured before here, using a sponge. Both were glittery polishes and went well together.
The first and last photographs are in natural light. This is what the mani looked like in direct sunlight.
Autumn nail art challenge: Red and black manicure
I finished with Bourjois Fixant Brilliant top coat. This is my submission to the Autumn Nail Challenge hosted by Lisa Oswald. I am going to be challenging myself a little more by using black in every episode of this challenge for the first six weeks. Can't wait for next week's edition!
Autumn nail art challenge: Red and black manicure

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