YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheek Soft Matte Colour Review, Swatches

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheek Soft Matte Colours look rather like nail polish bottles. I had overlooked them, but the SA suggested that I might find a long-wearing lipstick among them. Neither liquids nor creams, these are mousses, the SA said, and can be blended nicely on the lips and the cheeks.

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Review and swatches of YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheek Soft Matte Colour.

Beauty Products Emptied In April 2016

M y new skincare routine includes drinking three litres of water a day - more if I am working out. I work out at least three times a week, even though my derm isn't a huge fan of sweat on my face right now. Also, six hours' sleep. I know, I know; we will get to eight eventually. Baby steps.
Product-wise, I go through non-foaming cleansing, acid toning/pads, hydrating mists, treatment, facial oil and a final coat of moisturiser - in that order - two times a day. Until January 2016, my routine involved a harsh cleanser, some kind of serum OR moisturiser - if I could be bothered - and oodles of benzoyl peroxide. Two - three at the most - glasses of water a day. What sleep? *Hangs head in shame*.

Scroll down to see the beauty products I emptied in April 2016 and for my quick thoughts on each.

 Here are the beauty products I emptied in April 2016 and my quick thoughts on each.

LookFantastic Beauty Box April 2016 Review

I had high expectations from the April '16 edition of LookFantastic. For starters, the theme was #LFBlooms - to celebrate Earth Month. For another, they said everything inside was a natural, organic and eco-friendly product. Naturally (pun unintended), I expected pampering, lush skincare from Pai, Antonia Burrell, Living Nature, Burt's Bees, Jurlique, Sukin, Trilogy, Nuxe and other botanical-centric brands sold on LookFantastic.

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Review and contents of April 2016's LookFantastic Beauty Box, themed LF Blooms, with natural and organic products.

Ten Facial Oils for Acne-Prone Skin

A few months ago, during a consultation for a bad skin infection, my dermatologist advised me to use facial oils as my oily skin was actually dehydrated, and a well-formulated oil would actually help balance the skin. I spoke to Sandra of Cult Beauty and, with her guidance, selected some facial oils which my skin is now loving. I use them two times a day and they have not broken me out. Individual reviews will follow, but take a dekko at the list in the meantime.

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 The best 10 facial oils for acne-prone skin.

Best Skincare Discovery And Starter Sets

Ever invested in expensive skincare, only to find that the product does not work for you, or worse, breaks you out? I bought two bottles of Lancome Visionnaire as soon as it came out, after all the hype about the international waiting list. Wham - my face was an explosion in a fireworks factory. Luckily for me, I was able to palm them off on my Mum who was not affected adversely by the product.
Most brands do not give out samples these days unless you buy something from their counters first, which means you try-when-you-buy instead of try-before-you-buy.
Fortunately, several brands now offer discovery kits with trial sizes of their key products, so you can actually go through a whole routine for a couple of days, before deciding to invest further. Plus, these are ideal for travel.
Here are a few sampler kits that I have tried over the last few months - individual reviews to follow later. These would also make nifty gifts for Mothers' Day, birthdays or special occasions. Everything shown here ships worldwide.
 Here are nine of the best essential skincare discovery and starter sets.

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Bourjois Air Mat 24Hr Foundation Review

Bourjois Air Mat 24hr-Hold Foundation was among my 2015 Foundations of The Year - see full post here - I see this foundation making the list again easily this year. It has also become my favourite drugstore foundation, trumping the famous Bourjois Healthy Mix.
I had already done an FOTD with this foundation - see here. Now here are my thoughts on the product itself. 

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Bourjois Air Mat 24Hr Hold Foundation Review

Lilla Rose Hairclips Giveaway Results

Did you have a good weekend? I celebrated my birthday and watched The Jungle Book - the first-ever movie I watched in life was the first Disney animation. I grew up obsessed with the characters and Kipling's stories. This year's version was definitely enjoyable, but I preferred the original Sterling Holloway voice of Kaa the Snake ("Ohhh my sinusssss") to Scarlett Johansson.
Moving on, here are the results of the Lilla Rose Hair Clip Giveaway.
Lilla Rose Hairclips Giveaway Results

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Birthday Beauty Haul 2016

It was my birthday yesterday. Despite having made up my mind - and convinced family and friends - to avoid cake this year, the lovely chef at Le Meridien MADE one very quickly once he found out what was going on, and I cut it at 10:30p.m. with complete strangers joining in. Sadly, I only have iPhone photos from the celebrations. Will show you my purple EOTD once I'm energetic enough to resize those photos.

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Birthday cake 2016 from Le Meridien

How To Pack A Travel Beauty Bag: For Acne Prone Skin With Multi-Step Routine

The problem with acne-prone skin - in my case, recovering from a severe infection - is that you need specific products apart from the usual cleansing-hydrating routine. It poses quite a challenge while travelling; you end up packing enough products to fill a cabin trunk.
Now that my skincare routine has been revamped by my new dermatologist (who won my loyalty when he told me the benefits of makeup) to include acid toning and clarifying facial oils, I have a host of new products in my regimen. When I went to stay with my grandparents recently after Gramps had medical appointments and Gran's sugar levels dropped, the challenge was to pack as lightweight as possible so as not to arrive with a freight train in tow, at the same time retain my multi-step regimen.  
How To Pack A Travel Beauty Bag: For Acne Prone Skin With Multi-Step Regimen

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