Vaseline Spray-On Moisturiser Giveaway Results

How is your weekend shaping up? I have been playing with a quilling kit, with no results to show for it except for a sore thumb and a full waste-basket. Do you quill? I wish someone would teach me, but then I failed art class every year.
Big beauty deal alert: LookFantastic is celebrating their 17th birthday this month, so if you use code 17BDAY, you get 17% off your order and a free Murad kit worth £30 when you spend £55 on site. Go here to shop - they ship worldwide. Their August 2015 beauty box is available here, and is supposed to be very special. I am waiting for my box :)
Most importantly, I have the results for the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Sooth Spray Moisturiser. I am contacting the winner later tonight. Please send me your full name and shipping address including zip code and telephone number asap. After 48 hours, I will have to pick another winner if I don't hear from you.
Here is the winner's name:

Bath & Unwind Beauty Box Vol. 1

One of my favourite websites for skincare products is UK-based Bath & Unwind - they ship worldwide tracked for free, and have some hard-to-find brands apart from the usual suspects.
I was thrilled to receive an email saying they were coming out with beauty boxes - the first one was offered as a gift with purchase if you shopped for £80. The products in the beauty box were revealed beforehand, and I knew I wanted everything. I picked up some First Aid Beauty and Korres products until my bill ran to £80, and got the box absolutely free!
The box as such is not much to write home about; it is just a brown cardboard box. But the contents, despite being skincare-only, have had me more excited about a beauty box than I have been in a long time (apart from the time I got Too Faced Melted in an Ipsy bag).

Check out the contents of the first Bath & Unwind beauty box below.

A Roman Summer: Sights, Spaghetti and Sephora

Trip to Italy: Sights, snacks and Sephora

I had the chance to spend a few days in Italy three weeks ago. This being a beauty blog, let me first tell you they have three fabulous Sephora outlets in Rome and some great regional brands, about which I will talk in a few days.
Why "fabulous" Sephora? Because they give more GWPs than the Dubai branches (who give more freebies than most other countries) and because they had a whopping 20% discount sale (off EVERYTHING) going on when I was there! The day I first hauled, I thought my bill would run up to a four-digit sum, but it only came up to three-digit figures after the discount.
And the soaps! There were so many varieties of Roman soaps! I bought a dozen or so and exceeded my baggage quota.
But Italy wasn't all about Sephora and makeup. I have some 30GB of (medium-sized) photographs from Italy alone. I'll show you a sample selection. Warning: Picture-heavy post!

Check out a few of my favourite sights, snacks and shops in Italy.

Ipsy Glam Bag July 2015 review

Guess what I got in my July Ipsy bag?

Ipsy Glam Bag July 2015 review

The July 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag is themed "Summer Lovin'" and the bag itself is bright and fun. I'm glad it is canvas and not vinyl.
I had good self-control this time and did not seek out spoilers on the internet, mostly because of time constraints, so I certainly did not know what to expect from this bag! All I guessed was that the bag would have something to do with summer. But one product in the bag made me light up...

Check out the contents of my Ipsy Glam Bag for July 2015.

Wimbledon Essentials skincare by Arran Aromatics

Wimbledon was over last week but these Wimbledon-themed skincare products will be needed all year long.

Wimbledon Essentials skincare by Arran Aromatics

What has Wimbledon got to do with beauty, you ask - apart from the lovely players and the celebrities watching them? You can now buy Wimbledon-themed beauty products, that's what!
I was on my second-ever visit to Wimbledon this Summer (Met Serena Williams, Andy Murray and Marin Cilic this time) when I saw the Wimbledon Essentials set in the gift shop. They also had a set of soaps.
This set is made by Arran Aromatics, a company based in the scenic Isle of Arran, Scotland. Apparently, the company is one of the biggest employers on the island. Arran Aromatics was founded by a couple named Russell (in their kitchen) in 1989, and they only use ingredients that are sourced locally.

More about the Wimbledon Essentials skincare set by Arran Aromatics below. 

LookFantastic Beauty Box July 2015

LookFantastic Beauty Box July 2015

For the last few months, I haven't been a huge fan of the LookFantastic beauty boxes. Vitamin C pills, diet pills, mouthwash and a gazillion mini pencil eyeliners turned up in rapid succession, so I didn't have high expectations from the July 2015 box - so much so that I didn't even bother to search for spoilers.
Thankfully, the July box is an improvement on the last few boxes and is as good as some of their earlier offerings.
For the uninitiated, LookFantastic is a UK-based company; they ship worldwide. Boxes cost £15, but an annual subscription means boxes cost £9 each. Not a bad price.

Here are the contents of my LookFantastic beauty box for July 2015. 

Packing makeup and skincare for a long trip

What I packed for a six-week trip to the UK and Europe.

Packing makeup and skincare for a six-week trip

For my six-week trip to the UK and Europe, I didn't want to carry much makeup as I had plans to hit Selfridges, Boots, House of Fraser and Harrods, and Sephora Rome (major hauls were made). Nor did I want to carry a makeup bag at all. The things take up too much room in the suitcase and, honestly, it is easier to squeeze all those tubes and bottles among the clothes. Besides, once I reach my destination, I tend to spread out my makeup all over the bathroom and then repacking becomes an ordeal. Since I was renting a flat, there was no option of hotel toiletries, except from Rome.
I decided to pack two kinds of products - minis, and full-sized products that were nearly empty.
I emptied sample bottles, washing them with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and a bottle brush, and drying them overnight before squeezing in enough foundation and cleanser for three or four uses. Needless to say, all those beauty box subscriptions paid off and I had enough travel-sized products for skin and hair care.