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Friday, June 20, 2014

Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; giveaway

Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway
If you have gone through my previous Memebox unboxing posts (here), you would agree that there are very few dud boxes, or even dud products in these beauty boxes. This consistency is what made me buy the All-In-One Superbox when they announced its launch. They said it would contain multi-functional beauty products. That certainly appealed to my ongoing "reduce-clutter" drive, which is actually not working very well. The box cost $39 but I paid $29 because of 10 Memepoints I could redeem. Postage went with half a dozen other boxes ordered at the time. Not too bad, because there were five full-sized products in this box, all of which I can use.
Keep reading, because there is a five-prize giveaway at the end of the post, sponsored by Memebox, the Korean beauty company that ships to many countries!

Here are the contents of my All-In-One Superbox from Memebox.

Inner Face Sunday Cream (40gm tin)

A 3-in-1 cream which contains SPF50+, acts as a makeup primer, and provides some colour correction. That is multipurpose alright! And, I LOVE tin packaging! I have not tried it out yet as I am going through a jawline-breakout phase. But I will let you know if this does what it says.
Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway

Chok Chok Kiss Mist (100ml)

This is a moisturising and refreshing spray that promises a healthy glow after each use. This contains natural ingredients (rosemary, aloe vera, acacia and so on) that have been fermented for 100 days! Can I just say blimey? Doesn't the packaging look a bit like the Lush bottles?
Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway

SNB Magic Eye Makeup Remover (20 nos) 

These are Q-tips which contain makeup remover which slides out when you move a "lever" of sorts. I will review this in detail after using up half the tips. And, more importantly, once I figure out how to slide the thing so the product actually comes out! This is the sort of product I am delighted to find in a beauty box.
Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway

Skin & Lab Green Gel Oil (30ml)

A deep-hydrating oil which, when applied on bare skin, is supposed to dry matte! It can also be used on dry heels, which is what I will be doing, since I always have dry feet. This oil contains marine collagen and "phyto green complex."
Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway

Verite All In One Cream (30ml) 

This looks like another multipurpose cream. But unlike the Sunday cream, this does not seem to have SPF. Instead, this is a serum-cum-moisturiser-and-primer. Ideal for travelling.
Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway

Cheek Room Lip And Cheek Tint (01 Orange; 7gm) 

Obviously a blush and lip tint. The colour is a pretty coral, which does not wash me out. It contains jojoba oil, shea butter and bentone gel complex to keep the lips hydrated throughout.
Memebox All-In-One Superbox review; five-prize giveaway
I am SO glad they did not have those BB or CC creams in unsuitable shades, or masks in this box. Next week, I will be unboxing a very special box - a fun box based on a fun... theme! Do stay tuned.

And now, here is the giveaway!
Memebox has generously offered to send the following five prizes to five different people:
  1. One Memebox From Nature each for TWO winners - I have reviewed this lovely box here.
  2. Ten Memepoints (worth $10) each to THREE winners.
So two people will get the amazing Memebox From Nature, while another three will get $10 to spend on Memeboxes!

After all the drama, trolling, heckling and threats the last time I held a giveaway, I am extra careful to avoid drama this time. A lawyer friend has gone through this post and he has given me the go-ahead. Sorry there are quite a few rules, but the trolling was terrible last time.

Please read the rules carefully before entering.

  1. This giveaway is void where prohibited. 
  2. Participants are responsible for their own entries.  
  3. No purchase or monetary payment is required to enter.
  4. By entering this giveaway, participants agree to abide by the rules.
  5. Prizes cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  6. Prizes are open only to those who have an account on the sponsor's - Memebox - website and those who fulfil the sponsor's shipping requirements. Memebox will only be able to ship or add points to those who have accounts on their website. You can only get the prize-points added to your account; and they update tracking information for boxes on their website. If you cannot follow this rule, please do not participate. If you do not have a Memebox account, you can sign up here. You get $10 for signing up and using my link gets you some extra points. You can also use my referral code 8NQ77J, so you get a nice deal!
  7. This giveaway is not open to countries where Memebox does not ship. Memebox ships to certain countries - you can check the list here, at the bottom of the page on this link. If your country is not included, I do not think you will receive a box, or be able to redeem your points. So please CHECK IF MEMEBOX SHIPS TO YOUR COUNTRY before participating. I will not be held responsible if you win and if Memebox does not ship to your country.
  8. Please do not tag me, the winners or anyone else on any of my social media channels. I only use the channels to promote my blog and do not want clutter.
  9. Please do not create multiple accounts to enter. This is not fair on the people who are decent enough to enter with just one account.
  10. The host of this giveaway is governed by the laws of the Government of India. The sponsor being Memebox in Korea, they are subject to Korean jurisdiction for their sponsorship and prize-delivery liabilities.
  11. Memebox will decide who gets which box or who gets the points, entirely at their discretion. I cannot choose who gets what.
  12. I will pass on your details to Memebox. Therein ends my responsibility. Memebox is responsible for shipping out the prizes or adding the points and liable for any damage or loss in the post thereof.
  13. This giveaway ends on June 29 12 p.m. I will announce the winners here. Winners should contact me at the earliest with their names, addresses, telephone numbers and Memebox account names. I repeat: Please, please, check back by June 30 and send me your details at once. I badly want you to have a Memebox. But they want the names at the earliest. I can only wait for 24 hours before declaring another winner.
  14. Since Rafflecopter can act up, if you cannot see the widget, you may enter by going here. I realise that getting entrants to leave your site is considered illegal in some countries. But this is only optional, if Rafflecopter does not show up and if you still want to enter without waiting for Rafflecopter to address their glitch. Rafflecopter has told me that the widget will not show up unless you have Javascript installed/enabled. Please try clearing your cache, refreshing and waiting for the page to load fully.
After that saga, here is the widget. I wish you good luck and hope you LOVE your Memebox as much as I do <3
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: I have not been compensated monetarily or in kind (boxes or samples or any product) or in points by Memebox for this giveaway. I have only ever purchased Memeboxes with my own money. This post contains affiliate links.
I have a petition here to ask Memebox to ship worldwide. Please sign it; it should help future giveaways, or if you want to order a box.

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