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Review: A palette I got free with purchase

I put that as the title because I didn't know what else to call this. Anyway, I made my first purchase from Strawberrynet last year, after hearing about it for ages, and, I received a palette free. I do not wish to speak of that website here.
The box just says "Pretty Fashion Makeup Kit", which doesn't explain who, when or where (See below for more photos).
The description at the back of the box is a Copy Editor's nightmare. I can only imagine what my former boss would say (I worked at the editorial desk of a magazine) if he ever read that paragraph. I almost picked up a blue pencil and rewrote the entire thing. Don't manufacturers realise they have a greater shot at credibility if they get their grammar and vocab right?
Anyway, the kit contains a palette of 20 eyeshadows, a palette of two blushes and two pressed powders and a palette of five lip colours and some applicators. The brush has already begun to come apart, as you can see in the picture. I've cleaned the sponge well and will use it for ombre nail art or cleaning.
The kit does not look appealing in person. I have done a patch test with the eyeshadows. I have also swatched them, as you can see. I also swatched the lip colours, which looked fine, but did not last and left a weird stain on my wrist (the kind of ashy-red stain you get when you spill red wine on a white couch and clean it up). So I probably wouldn't use the lippies anyway.
The blushes and compacts? The powder to the left felt so "gritty" when I tried to sweep a finger over it, so I didn't bother to swatch. On the bright side, I didn't spend any money on it.

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  1. getting free gifts with purchase are sometimes hit and miss but some of these look really nice and summery not too sure about the packaging though but love that its so compact and has three tiers :) x

  2. Following you 45th follower...hope you will follow me back... Nice review and loved the swatch :)

  3. Aprajita TrivediApril 03, 2014

    wow lovely shades !!


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