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Drumroll... My Lush haul!

So here's Ye Grande Lush Haule, a treat to myself after a successful shopping ban.

Contents include:
1. A Cupcake mask I got free when I returned five empty pots: not in picture, review coming up.
2. Sympathy For The Skin Hand and Body Lotion.
3. Retread Hair Conditioner: I had intended to buy American Cream, but changed my mind at the shop.
4. Dirty Toothy Tabs: I've no idea why I bought them!

5. From Dusk Til Dawn: This is a conical massage "bar" I fell in love with at the shop.
6. Buffy The Backside Slayer: An exfoliating body butter bar I've been wanting to try for ages.
7. Bubblegum Lip Scrub: I had gone with the intention of buying Mint Julips. Trust me, this tastes much better!
8. Caca Rouge: Here's a solemn truth - I've never coloured my hair in my life. Ever. And I don't have any greys. But I'm going to try DIY reddish hue/highlights before my birthday with this. Watch out for the review (and pray that my scalp doesn't fall out).
9. Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar: You get a tin free if you buy two massage bars. I've just tried this one out and it's heaven. More details later.
10. Therapy Massage Bar.
11. Karma Bath Bomb

I'm most excited about these two:
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  1. Congrats on sticking by your spending ban...you definitely deserve to spoil yourself with allthose amazing lush goodies :)

  2. Thank you, people! Will spend the next couple of posts boring you all with in-depth thoughts on each item! (How did I live so far without that...)

  3. Ooo .. I m alreading drooling over this one .. Adding them to my check it out list :)

  4. Well done hun! I am terrible with spending bans, but i have managed to spend less money lately! I'm excited to see you next posts about each product xx

  5. Veena VinyasMarch 29, 2014

    wow awesome


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