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Haul: Pre-birthday shopping at Lancome

I wanted to get a Rouge in Love lipstick because my mum has one and it lasts through a greasy meal, but they didn't have the shade I wanted (275M). I also wanted to try the Genefique Yeux Light Pearl, because I had heard so much about it. Here's what I bought:
First up, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara. I was in the market for a new mascara and had tried a Hypnose mini - now exhausted. Normally, as I've told some of you, when I wear mascara, I look like other people do WITHOUT mascara. My lashes are fine, sparse and stubby. But then the SA tried Hypnose Dolls Eye on me and... wow! I actually had lashes! Will do an EOTD soon.

I got La Laque Fever (306 Woody Rose Satin). I love this shade on me, but I have a nasty feeling this is the exact shade I bought in Macy's a while back during a Seattle trip, but that lippy has been MIA for a while, so I can't remember what shade it was. Swatch coming up.
Third (Drumroll) is Genefique Yeux Light Pearl. I've wanted this ever since it launched here. I won't say anything else now. I'll review it in detail soon. Trust me, girls, I may have just hit the jackpot.
The SA gave me an insanely large number of samples for my three purchases! I only asked her if she had a Genefique sample for travel! So they had to give me a large bag!
Check out the Rouge in Love lip tattoo she gave me! Lovely colour, too! I don't want to try it out because I don't want to use it up - can I keep it to look at forever?
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  1. Great haul - you got some great samples! Im quite jealous x


  2. I love Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes I actually have loved every Lancome mascara I've ever tried they do make great products :) Lucky getting all those samples

  3. Woweee you got a tonne of samples! I've used that mascara and quite liked it :) xx

  4. OMG, lucky you got all those samples. If I ever ask for a sample, the MUAs tell me they're out all the time. Hmm, should I believe them.
    I am looking forward to your review on the mascara and a swatch of the lippy please!!! I am home for break, so I'll be doing a collective haul post soon too!!!


  5. Lol I'm not lucky when I normally ask for a sample - except the lady at Shiseido who usually gives me loads of samples. This time, they seemed very generous at Lancome, though!
    Swatch of lippy coming up soon!

  6. Waiting to see what's inside the packaging :)

  7. You got some lovely items! Will be interested to hear what you think of them!

    Sita xx

  8. WoW! AM I jealous or whaaaat? Nice spluuuurge! I love splurging on beautiful products but it is even better getting it for free! Haha!


  9. cool


  10. Great haul...you have really got great samples.

  11. Haha... now I see it! :) Samples galore!
    and... lip tattoo? Nice! :)


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