Manicure: O.P.I. A-Taupe The Space Needle swatch and stamping

 O.P.I. A-Taupe The Space Needle nail polish swatch and review
O.P.I.'s A-Taupe The Space Needle is one of my favourite taupes. It's so opaque and creamy in just one coat (I know, there is a sheer patch on the index finger).

O.P.I. A-Taupe The Space Needle nail polish swatch and reviewMeanwhile, for those who came in late, my Konad stamper is still missing. And, being on a spending ban till the day after tomorrow, I haven't ordered another. So I tried out one of the easier-looking plates with a fancy oval eraser. I can never use the eraser again and the stamping looks horrendous. A stamper is the first thing I'm going to buy on March 16. On the bright side, with enough experimentation, I think I can get an eraser to work with the stamping.
  1. @Meesha: I wish I had a job naming nail polishes! Lol A-Taupe the Space Needle is part of the Touring America series.
    @Hanzy: Seriously. I don't get to "shape" my nails. The fiddly things peel or break all the time so I cut them at that point :(

  2. Love this chocolaty colour. O.P.I is a great brand. :)


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