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Review: Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, great for oily skin

I got 100gm of the Cupcake face mask free for returning five empty pots at Lush. As this is a fresh mask, the SA told me to keep it refrigerated and said that it was great for oily skin. She also said I would have enough for one use.

It smells like chocolate-y cake mix. I've just tried it today - first, it needs a bit of water so that you get it in a paste-like consistency. About a teaspoonful of the product was enough for the whole of my face and neck. I think there's enough for around eight to ten uses! I added a tablespoon of water and got it to a nice, thick paste and slapped it on. Having been refrigerated overnight, it felt very cool on the skin.

This is definitely chocolate heaven, as the label claims, but only time will tell if it removes oil and calms down breakouts. Below is the ingredients list, which you can read for yourself (sorry about the little blank spot - that's where my watery finger hit the label).
For a really thick mask, it dried in around 20 minutes, still smelling great. It washed off easily, no scrubbing or rubbing, and left me with softer, cooler and, I think, brighter skin. All that pampering means I'm going to sleep very well tonight :)
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  1. I'd probably try to eat this, LOL.

  2. Yummmm I'd totally wanna eat my face lol. I wanna try this now!:)

  3. Yummmmm I'd totally eat my face! Lol this sounds pretty good I wanna try it now! Sorry if this comment came in twice blogger hates my iPad and iPhone :(

  4. Do you find this improved your skin at all? I am prone to acne and breakouts and am always looking for a face mask that will help! And the fact it smells like chocolate is just a bonus!
    Chanelle, xo

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