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Review: Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss

Cait Scott of Little Mrs Bow was one of the earliest beauty bloggers I followed when I began this blog. I love the cuteness of her blog, especially those ladybirds (do check them out!), and it was thanks to her reviews that I tried Girligo Body Mist (which sadly gave her a rash later). So when she asked if I could review Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker, I could hardly postpone!

I'm not going to talk about the name because it has been done to death. Check out the pictures of the box and the copy on it!
First of all, the colour of the gloss is nowhere near the colour in the tube. There is the faintest hint of red (See swatch below), that is all. I tried the pink one and it was equally subtle. The applicator is doe-foot.

The smell is strongly syrupy, if you get my drift. You either like it or hate it. It doesn't annoy me.
The big turn-off is the ingredients list: two parabens.
The texture is thick and smooth, but not too sticky, though you do get the odd flyaway hair adhering to it.
Now for what it does: the moment you apply it, even on your skin for a swatch, the tingling begins. And it isn't a mild buzzy sensation but a strong tingle. I love that feeling, though I suppose not everyone will. It is kind of like kissing a working blender or epilator. The tingle doesn't last long, though.
By now, the lips become fuller. I end up with bee-stung lips. A friend of mine, who has thin lips, puts it this way: "I use this to find the location of my lips."
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  1. Woah! I love the name of this product. :) I tried a lip plumper a few years ago. I don't know what instigated me to do that b/c all I need to do to get the Angelina Jolie look is to sit out in the sun all day. lol. ;)

    1. Rofl awww you poor thing! I had a friend who had sun allergy, it wasn't nice.

  2. Aw you are so amazing!!!
    its official, im going to get this! Along with their gorgeous blush which I adore every sing time I step into boots!
    for a blush it is on the pricey side but you know...girls can make their purse stretch when it comes to beautiful things!
    I think that you have done an excellent review on this and im sure many people will have read this and gone out and was like 'what the heck, whats wrong with treating myself!'
    You should so make a YouTube account and post video's! I think you would be really popular!
    Thanks for leaving a link to my blog and I think the ladybirds deserve some credit too! :)
    Talk later!
    Toodles! xxx

    1. *Hugs* Let me know how you get along! Yeep! I'm scared of YouTube... as it is, I had to ruminate for ages before I began this blog. Maybe a few trial videos of nail art or something...I'll have a think xx


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