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Google Reader shutdown reminder and how to import to Bloglovin'

There are 10 days to go before Google Reader winds up. If you use Google Reader to follow My Beauty Junction and other blogs, here is how you can continue to read blog posts:
How to import blogs from your Google Reader list to Bloglovin':
1. Hover the cursor over the little heart on the top right corner of your Bloglovin' homepage.
2. Click 'settings'.

3. Scroll down until you reach the section 'other'.
4. Choose 'import blogs'.
5. Choose 'Google Reader'.
6. Allow Bloglovin' to access Google Reader.

EDIT: This is the Google Reader platform I'm talking about - I believe GFC will stay on, so you can follow that way and read posts on the Blogger dashboard. I wouldn't recommend Google+; anyone who has your email ID will be able to read your full profile (and stalk you - I speak from experience).
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  1. So it's really happening?! been hearing about it for the past few months so thut it might just be a rumor of sm kind! Damn I dont get why! What about G+ circles??

    1. No, no, it's not GFC, just Google Reader. Many people use it instead of the Blogger dashboard to read other blog posts. I'm not a fan of G+ because a few dozen people who know my email will be able to read all my posts despite my trying to avoid them!

    2. Does that mean I wont lose my 200+ followers in 10 days?!! PHEWWW.. I normally read blogs through the blogger dashboard:) Yay! you've no idea what a sigh of relief what u just said was!!! Heaps of hugs and kisses xo

  2. Hi Renu What a coincidence me too made a post about this today :p and I am following you in bloglovin already :)

  3. Thank you for this post Ms. Renu! :)

  4. Uh-Oh. What is the difference between Goggle Reader and Google Friends Connect? I follow other blogs via GFC. I think most people are under the impression that GFC is terminating. I switched from blogger to Google+ a while ago. Am I okay then?! :) I feel like I have been completely off the blogger radar since I started working. I thought being off from school was going to give me more time to blog. Sadly, nope! I just posted something after a couple of weeks! Shame! I'm determined to catch up though. I have got some goodies lined up!

    1. Welcome back, and I missed your posts! Hope the exams were easy. Google Reader is the app through which you read blog posts. The Blogger dashboard is less convenient, the former looks fancier. GFC is just the widget with which you follow Blogger-based blogs. I hope your comments method isn't Google+ - it won't let non-G+ people comment at all!


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