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August 2013 Glamabox review, unboxing, photos: International beauty box

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how desperately I've been seeking subscription boxes that ship worldwide. I've found the Glam Guru Box (July box reviewed here) and the Lip Factory Box (review coming up in the next post). Here is a third - the Glamabox. How to order: The box costs HKD118 a month (That's Hong Kong Dollars. Google for exchange rates).  Postage varies, depending on your exact city/location, registered, EMS or speed post options - you need to ask by emailing them here! Please do mention that you heard about this from or were sent by Renu of My Beauty Junction and we will both benefit!

Glamabox is based in Hong Kong, and is well known in Singapore and Taiwan. Each item is handpicked by founder and international fashion model Lisa Selesner, who tries them first. The boxes are recycled and can also be recycled. When Cristina, who is General Manager, told me they do ship abroad, and that the August box contained two full-size items, I decided to try it out.

The box arrived a mere 10 days after I ordered it, in a sturdy black cardboard outer box, with waterproof packing protecting the box inside. Now take a look at the box itself - it is a bit larger than the Glossybox UK and is made of thicker cardboard. And I love the gorgeous pink design. These are going to feature in my storage for a while.
On opening the box, the tissue was the next to look very luxe. There was a product-card and a letter. Here's what I got:

No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum (full size): Elle had sent me a sample size of the intense day cream version of Protect and Perfect in my box-swap (see here). I had loved it, so I'm thrilled to get the full-size version of this bestseller serum - you're supposed to use it for four weeks to see results, though there is enough for at least 8-12 weeks in there, all you need is a drop. The original price of this serum is £23.95 at Boots so I have nothing more to say about the value of the box!
Inoxa Renew Triple Action Gel Wash (deluxe size): It says this is for mature skin, so I handed it to my Mum who promises to let me know if there are any issues with this. Which is why they need to reinstate customisation. The tube should easily last her a month if used 1-2 times a day, she says, and after two uses she seems happy enough.
Collection 2000 Spotlight lip gloss (full size): I hate lip gloss, but any product which has light that turns on when you open the cap, and a mirror, is good for me. Surprisingly I also like the colour because it helps "subtle-ify" some dark and neon-ish lippies I have. 
Summer's Eve Feminine Wash (deluxe size): I've heard of Summer's Eve products and their smell but haven't ever tried anything. As my doctor advocates use of feminine washes especially after and during that time of the month and hair removal, I'm definitely going to give this a try.
Dresdner Essenz Haut Grapefruit Body Oil (sachet): Not a fan of the foil sachet - I'll keep saying this till I'm hoarse. But I'm not sure you need more body oil than this to make up your mind. On the fence here. 
Dresdner Essenz Body Cream (sachet): Another sachet. I've handed this over to my Mum, as I do with most sachets.

Repurchase? Depends on the spoilers I get - the September Glamabox is Alice-in-Wonderland themed and is specially designed! Should be very interesting. I've emailed Cristina for a couple more clues. Besides, I like the idea of beauty boxes from a variety of countries; it's a good way to throw in brands from across the world into my stash and there is less chance of getting the same things.

You can't order outside of Hong Kong through the website, I believe, though you can accumulate Glama Points and redeem them later. Payment is via Paypal.
Disclaimer: I paid for the box and was neither asked to review it nor given any benefits :)
My next posts will be a review of the Lip Factory Box, followed by hauls from Lush and Lancome. Keep watching this blog.
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  1. I have never subscribed for beauty boxess but I am so temoted now.. God please save the ruppeee so that I can go ahaed,.. :)
    Waiting for teh haulsss!! :D :D

    1. Hahaha I used to be a hater; now I'm completely sold! At least, by decent boxes, not by shoddy ones.

  2. Wow, this is fab! For a little over a thousand bucks, its really good value for money.

    1. Yeah, the No 7 serum itself costs more than the entire box!

  3. The box works out to be about $17 australian but it would depend on what they charge for postage if it would be worth it. I really do like the contents of this box though and the packaging is very pretty.

    Can't wait to see your LipFactory box, I'm not getting them any more, with the depreciating dollar its just not worth it.

    Jac x0x

    1. I'll give it a run a couple of times before finalising on the best boxes. I love the packaging; it's sturdy enough to withstand a knock or two.

    2. hey hi your wish box are amazing can you help me with how to get one i am from india

  4. Seems good , waiting fr u to review them.

    1. I've already begun the No 7 Serum, so that should come around in a month or so.


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