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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Manicure: Shocking pink Layla Cosmetics nail polish with black stamping nail art

I had received a Layla Cosmetics nail polish in my July Vellvette box and, believe me, it is a seriously virulent, shocking pink. There is no way I'll wear that alone and, having never used Layla before, I wanted to try out the formula.
So I "subtled it up" with the messiest stamping image I could find and Konad Special Polish in black, and here are the results.
I can't find a shade name for the Layla Cosmetics polish; it just says No 5 and NF31 on the bottom, and Made in Italy on the side; and I don't know which collection this is from either - any nailies who can help??
I would rate the formula alongside some of the runnier/streakier Essies. It is a very opaque polish, though - in just one coat. By the way, I've had some nail breakage, which explains the lack of length and decent shape.
P.S. The photographs and overcast outdoors have made the colour a lot subtler!

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