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August 2013 empties

Apart from some Lush empties which I can't photograph since I exchanged the pots for a mask (see previous post here and my Lush empties here), I used up more full-size products in August than I did in the last couple of months!
Full-size empties:

1. Fruit Of The Earth Vitamin E cream: From my last Enchantess bag. Since I've started full-body moisturising, I keep needing more of these things, so it was easy to use up. Repurchase? Nope. Plenty more fish in the sea.
2. Elizabeth Arden 2-in-1 Cleanser: From one of those all-in-one kits. I seem to have had this forever and finally used it up to wash my nail cutters, blackhead removers and outer-periphery brushes. Repurchase? Whaffor??
3. The Body Shop Wild Cherry Puree Body Lotion: I love these. They're paraben-free, non-greasy and awesome-smelling. Already repurchased in other fragrances; I've opened the Shea Butter one now.
1. Darphin Stimulskin Plus: Feelunique had sent me this. I applied it on my neck. Was a decent, hydrating product; they don't ship outside the EU though.
2. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Moisturiser: Broke me out. 'Nuff said.
3. Lancome Blanc Expert Spot Eraser: The problem with my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is that NOTHING works on them. I've tried spot treatment from Clinique, Shiseido, Clarins, Estee Lauder and now, Lancome. A prescription dose of kojic acid, courtesy my dermatologist, is the only thing that speeds up their fading - somewhat. Sachets
1. Vichy Bi-White Advanced Dark Circles Correcting Care: There was enough in both sachets for 10 days, and I emptied them into a small pot. Problem was, this didn't touch my dark circles, not one bit. Bleh.
2. Estee Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF 15: I don't have wrinkles (honest!) but this product made my skin feel softer all around. These came in with my previous haul from Estee Lauder. I love EL products so I'll keep a lookout for more from the Time Zone range.
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  1. wow ! an empties post ....i wish i can do this one day :D

  2. Lemme know what works on your post acne pigmentation. I need a miracle remedy for mine too.

    1. They take their time to go away. My dermatologist prescribed a kojic acid ointment, it works a bit, though they go away in three weeks instead of four, if you get my drift.

    2. I know. My biggest problem is that by the time my old marks fade, there are several new ones to deal with :(. Don't know why I'm being plagued by pimples....need to get some tests done :(

  3. great products! follow each other on gfc? :)

  4. Anything Body Shop is a favourite of mine! Great post!

    Lauren xx | Lauren J

  5. The Elizabeth Arden 2-1 cleanser looks really good, thank you very much for sharing! *u*

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  6. Great post.. I have been reading your blog since quite a few days.. I think your posts are awesome and to the point.. no unnecessary rant and very helpful.. Keep it up :)

    1. Wow thank you! I'm really chuffed to hear that!


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