Thursday, September 05, 2013

Manicure: Zoya Jo nail polish with black stamping nail art

Swatch and review of Zoya Jo nail polish
Blue is my all-time favourite polish colour, though I'm new to Zoya polishes (six out of 201 polishes are Zoya). This is Zoya Jo, a cool-medium, delicate, periwinkle blue. Great formula and opacity (two coats). I don't know if you can spot the shimmer there.
Rarely content with plain polish, I realised I hadn't stamped for a while. Problem is, my Konad stamper seems to hate hibernation and refused to pick up polish despite getting a nice filing and a scrub. I had to stamp over on two of the nails and it looks messy. Thankfully, I had picked a random pattern. This is the Konad Special Black polish. 
Swatch and review of Zoya Jo nail polishIf you look closely, the cuticle-clean-up took off more polish than was intended, the stamping didn't appear on the tips and two nails are stamped over. A mess. But it is human to err, even with nails!



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