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Primer facie: Clarins Instant Smooth review

It has been a while since I did a primer review. Here is the Clarins Instant Smooth primer. I had received a sample of this primer in the Clarins travel essentials kit, liked it well enough, and went in for the full size.

Packaging: Glass jar. Comes in with a cute spatula which, surprisingly, I am yet to misplace. I prefer my primers in a tube.
Formula: No parabens, yay! Silicone-allergic people may have to avoid.
Texture:  Feels very waxy. Goes on smoothly enough. There is some pilling if you use a serum and a moisturiser below; no pilling if it's applied above only a light moisturiser.

Effects: Mattifies and fills pores well enough and smoothens out the skin nicely. Easy to blend in. Gives you a matte face for a couple of hours - not more than two. Not as durable as some primers (Porefessional, TimeBalm and Bourjois Flower Perfection). More durable than some Accessorize, Revlon and Neutrogena primers. Comparable to MUFE All Mat where mattifying and durability are concerned.
Repurchase? I'm keeping it in my travel bag but would prefer Porefessional, Time Balm and Bourjois Flower Perfection, so undecided about repurchase.
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  1. The spatula is cute, I like it when products come with little extras xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I was just thinking about you today!!

    I have used this primer for years it is my favourite. Maybe it works better on me because I have dry skin. I love it as a eye primer.

    Jac x0x

  3. Nice review :)

    New Post Up:


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