Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fimo manicure on O.P.I. From A To Zurich nail polish

OPI From A To Zurich swatch and Fimo nail art
Some months ago, I picked up a bunch of Fimo canes from eBay and forgot all about them (here). Then I came across the Falling Through The Rainbow nail art challenge for November and the first one - red - had apples, roses, maple leaves and so on as the options. As I didn't want to mess it up with a freehand manicure, I thought of the apple and rose Fimo canes.
OPI From A To Zurich swatch and Fimo nail art
The base colour here is O.P.I. From A To Zurich, a warm berry creme with pink undertones - my idea of a fall red nail polish. Not quite bright red and not vampy either. It is lighter than Mrs O'Leary's Barbecue (see swatch here). From A To Zurich belongs to O.P.I.'s Swiss Collection. You can get good opacity with one coat and the formula is great and un-streaky. But I used two coats as I had to place the Fimo slices. The photograph below was taken outdoors under the sky (the sun has been in hiding over the last 24 hours and we had a massive thunderstorm yesterday), while the ones above were taken in natural light and indoors near a window.
OPI From A To Zurich swatch and Fimo nail art
What is Fimo, you ask? A baked polymer clay, according to Staedler website - they manufacture it. You use it for cool accessories and trinkets. Being my first attempt at Fimo, I chickened and cut the slices at least four times thicker than they ought to have been. I'm going to practise the slicing and when I get it nice and thin, I'll do a tutorial on Fimo, including placement and fixing the slices. I wore this mani in the morning, after I did my hair, and so far, it has lasted on me. I think hair could get caught in the slices, though.
This is my entry for the first round of the Falling Through The Rainbow nail art challenge. Here are the dates and themes of the other rounds. I hope to do justice to them all!



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