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Indie nail polishes from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics' Etsy shop

Would you believe there's a polishaholic who owns more than 220 bottles too few, but had never bought a single indie polish because she felt O.P.I., China Glaze and Zoya were the Emperor, Viceroy and Governor of the Nail Polish Empire?
I decided to correct the situation and had seen some of Danielle of Kalamity Jane Kosmetics' posts of indie polishes, particularly Candy Corn, and decided to try the same source, Carpe Noctem Cosmetics.

I saw their Etsy shop and shot off an email and Emily, the owner, told me she would be too glad to send abroad. I went through her amazing stash and was "gum-swizzled" by some of those, particularly The Blob and The 90s.
I usually buy minis from a site the first time and am working on reducing my full-size purchases since I'm worried they'll gloop up in three years' time, but I picked regular-sized bottles for The Blob and The 90s since they were so pretty.
Shipment was very fast and she had wrapped them up in glitter wrapping paper and used colourful yarn. I received the polishes in fewer than 10 days after she had shipped them. I opened the package on my bed and spent half the night picking glitter off my sheets. She had included a mini-buffer as well. The polishes I bought are:
  1. The Blob (Regular size)
  2. Return To 90s (Ditto) 
  3. Candy Corn (Mini)
  4. Reflect (Mini)
  5. Reflection In Flames (Mini)
  6. Ritchie Blackmore (Mini)
  7. A Place At The Table (Mini)
At first swatch, these are fabulous and I haven't had to fish around at all. And the glitter applies evenly, no clumping. Tomorrow I'll do a manicure with one of these, and subsequent swatches later.
This was such a hassle-free transaction that I've become a bit of an Etsy-addict. And the glitter is just wow. One more stunning than the other. Thanks very much, Emily! And thanks to Danielle for the reference! I'm looking forward to more orders on Etsy soon!
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  1. OMG the colors are so gorgeous.. Drooling right now... NOTD it soon...

  2. These are pretty. Removing glitter polishes is a painful task tho. You really manage to find amazing gems from around the world!

    Btw, had left a comment on the fimo mani...dunno where that disappeared.

    1. I made my own dip polish remover with a kitchen sponge (DIY post somewhere on the blog) and found that ample twisting and a decent handwash afterwards does it for the glitter particles! I can't use it for regular polish though, else I'll get glitter on my fingers every time.
      Re: disappearing comments, I've lost one post (thankfully one I was ashamed of) and quite a few comments. Just like the miraculous disappearance and reappearance of all my blog photographs. As you can see, the fiddly thing is undergoing redecoration. Once it stablises, it should work fine. The question is when....

  3. Replies
    1. Can't wait to get started on them!

  4. Awesome collection .. I have been left drooling ;)

  5. gorgeous shades...nice selection Renu :)

  6. I love how the one towards thee xtreme right looks! Cant wait to see swatches

  7. These look amazing!! I love glitter!!!! <3 :)

  8. What fabulous colors and the glitter!! Love!!

    1. I'm bitten by the Etsy bug and am in danger!


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