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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sleek iDivine Candy Collection Eyeshadow Palette swatches, review, photos

Swatches and review of Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette
It was only after yesterday's post of the Vintage Romance eyeshadow palette (here) that I realised that I hadn't posted my take on the lovely iDivine Candy Collection Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek MakeUP. This was released alongside some pretty blushes and a pout paint (named Lol-Lip-Pop) as part of the Candy Collection this summer. I know I'm really behind in swatching these shadows but good makeup is timeless. So is vintage candy, as you will find out below, and the connection with some iconic sweets is what makes this palette a collectors' item for me.
I had won the Candy Collection palette in a giveaway from the lovely Tshering of TiTi's Corner along with some other gorgeous prizes (see here). While the shades had scared me off initially, their names had reeled me in and I now know that if you use them judiciously and in tandem with the right shades, these shadows will look absolutely pretty and set off your eyes.
Swatches and review of Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette
As you can see, the Sleek Candy Collection palette's packaging is very pretty and not the usual iDivine box. A white box with cupcakes, confetti and candy. Inside, you have the regular Sleek black eyeshadow case.
Swatches and review of Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette
Candy Collection is another Sleek palette where the eyeshadows have names. The shades in this palette are named after - yes - sweets and candy! Much to my delight, some iconic vintage sweets, at that! And some of the names certainly go along well with the sorbet-like shades. I've done a comparison of the name of the candy and the eyeshadow shade below, for those who haven't tried those delicious sweets.

The Sleek Candy Collection palette eyeshadow shades are:

  1. Strawberry Sherbet - A bright pink matte. Think visible from the moon with the n@ked eye pink. Very, very difficult to work with. You have to plough into the pan, dig up the shadow and slather it on.
  2. Bon Bon - A glittery mauve-pink that swatches a lot more pale than in the pan. A dream to work with, compared to its neighbour to the left.
  3. Parma Violet - Another matte. An intense deep purple that will be good for smoky looks or to line the eyes. Looks nothing like the iconic parma violet candy, though.
  4. Apple Sour - A shimmery mint green. Good colour match with the name.
  5. Pear Drop - A pearly citrus or lime green. Very acid-drop, alright!
  6. Flump - A matte medium purple. This on the lid and Parma Violet in the crease is a no-brainer look. I love this shade. Flump sticks aren't this colour, though.
  7. Liquorice - Matte not-so-jet black. Not as intense as the blacks in other Sleek palettes. Very meh. Beats me why they even included this. I think they wanted the colour to look more liquorice than black. Which reminds me - Gramps was saying the other day that he would love to have some liquorice allsorts which he loved in his childhood. Another Christmas present to get :)
  8. Blue Fizzle - Think pearly navy-denim blue. I'd pick this for my favourite shade in this palette. Blue Fizz is paler blue though!
  9. Aniseed - A glittery pink-red with gold hints. Doesn't look anything like aniseed balls or even the aniseed spice.
  10. Bubble Gum - A matte light-ish blue. Another very pretty shade I love to wear. I had expected bubblegum to be synonymous with pink, though.
  11. Mint Cream - A matte minty slate-green shade that reminds me of these virulent sweets that the kids in my school bought from a shop just outside. Mum had banned me from ever tasting one, and it gave all the kids a green tongue for a while. Good colour match with the name.
  12. Cream Soda - Shimmery white eyeshadow. For the inner corners and brow bone, though I forsee myself forgetting to use this. Good colour match with the name.
Swatches and review of Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette
Now for the swatches, with and without flash.Strawberry Sherbet is multiple swipes while all the other shadows are just the one swipe each. Pardon the blurriness as usual. One day I'll make money out of blogging and hire someone else to take photographs.
Swatches and review of Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette
As you can see, Liquorice and Strawberry Sherbet need a bit of work and didn't appeal to me. I absolutely love all the other shades, though. Parma Violet and Blue Fizzle will be great for the crease while the others can be standalones (I like standalone shadow looks best) or as lid colours with darker crease shades.
Swatches and review of Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette
There's plenty of scope for gradient and a variety of looks and, unless you're going to combine Pear Drop, Bon Bon and Bubble Gum, you can manage these eyeshadows without being noticed from outer space.
Like other limited edition palettes, Sleek has Candy Collection in stock for now - with regular iDivine packaging - on their website. In case you're bitten by the candy-bug! Oh, and Thorntons used to stock a lot of the sweets mentioned above. I know I keep saying this, but I'll do some EOTDs soon. It looks like I'm going to be using just Sleek shadows for a while!

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