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Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, swatch, photos

Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, photos, swatch
I went in for the Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer because I love Accessorize. Their eyeshadow palettes are really good - I compare them to Sleek in terms of quality, and you get 32 colours per palette for a lower price. You can see reviews and swatches of Accessorize Exposed and other palettes here.
Being a drugstore brand, the Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer costs less than Benefit Porefessional, Make Up For Ever All Mat, theBalm's Time Balm and even Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer (click on each link for reviews). For me, the main purposes of a primer are oil control or mattifying and smoothing out the skin. There are primers out there that hydrate, even out skin tone and so on, but my reasons for using primer are as above.
Packaging-wise, I didn't have anything to complain about. The Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer comes in a neat, flat white tube with the cute Accessorize butterflies. Very hygienic and easy control over the product that comes out.
Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, photos, swatch
The ingredients aren't scary either. There are no parabens and I'm not allergic to silicones so I don't have a problem with primers containing those. Or maybe this isn't the full list?
Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, photos, swatch
Texture-wise, the Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer is very silicone-y and thinner and more watery than even MUFE All Mat. I would say this is the thinnest and wettest primer I have reviewed on My Beauty Junction so far. There is something about this primer that makes me feel like I'm rubbing soft wax into my skin. The finish isn't mattifying either - while I didn't have an oily shine as soon as I apply the primer, my face isn't matte (six-week test-run on self). Not much of an oil-control effect there; I get greasy enough within 20 minutes of applying this primer. It certainly smooths out my skin's texture, though! The formula is colourless and odourless. I can't tell you whether it hangs on to foundation very well, as my Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Foundation needs just the one touch-up just after lunch anyway.
Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, photos, swatch
Now for the biggest downside of the Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer. Just look at all that pilling! And that's the result of the swatch alone, and no other product. So imagine what it does with serum, moisturiser/sunscreen and foundation!
Accessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, photos, swatchAccessorize Flawlessly Smooth Primer review, photos, swatch
Even if I apply it on my bare face, this primer pills up like crazy. My theory is, apply very little. And then, halve the quantity again. But then that sort of takes away from the priming effects. However, I can tell you that I've done a three-week test run of this primer on people with normal-to-dry skin, over a tiny bit of moisturiser, and they've been perfectly happy with it. I haven't specifically asked about pilling, though. But if you have an oily face, I recommend staying away. The Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer is definitely a far better prospect.
Repurchase? Nope. This is good for people with dry skin. For those seeking a matte effect, it won't help.



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