EOTD: Blue smoky eye makeup with Sleek Candy Collection shadows

EOTD: Blue smoky eye makeup with Sleek Candy Collection shadows
I wanted to try another smoky EOTD with the Sleek iDivine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette before moving on to other palettes, and, this time, I picked blue. This EOTD was done with the Beautyblender Detailers makeup brush set. I decided to stick with blue and not to add a black or darker colour to the crease and over-smoke it up, since the idea was to restrict myself to two shades from the same colour-family. So it's just a darker and a lighter-and-more-teal blue.

Here are the shades from the Sleek Candy Collection palette I used for the blue smoky eye look:

  1. Blue Fizzle - A denim blue with some sparkle, nothing too much. This went into the crease
  2. Bubblegum - A matte medium blue. This went on the lid. 
  3. Cream Soda - This shimmery white went into the inner corners. I left the brow bone "shadow-less" as I wanted the blues to pop.
EOTD: Blue smoky eye makeup with Sleek Candy Collection shadowsEOTD: Blue smoky eye makeup with Sleek Candy Collection shadows
Blue Fizzle blended in very nicely and I love that colour. But Bubblegum left a stain on my eyelids, brushes, washcloth - anything it came into contact with, and it was hard to get rid of the stain, even from the eyelids. The surprising thing is, Bubblegum didn't leave a stain when I swatched it - perhaps because I hadn't worn primer?
I think Cream Soda gave it a bit of an iced look, which makes this a suitable combination to sport during winter evenings, although the Candy Collection shades were intended for the summer! All photographs have been taken in natural light.
EOTD: Blue smoky eye makeup with Sleek Candy Collection shadows
The primer used was Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I finished up with Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara and Sephora Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner in shade #12 - Navy Black.
It is a myth that blue is too bold or will not match dark eyes - or eyes of any colour, for that matter. These things depend on your comfort zone and the overall look, so don't limit yourself or put yourself in a corner by being prejudiced against anything that isn't beige. Oh, and it is another myth that your eyeshadow has to match your eye colour. I'm more than comfortable sporting blue for the evenings, and, if you see that the shadow is contained to your lids and appears in its blue glory only when your eyes are half-open or fully closed, blue will make dark eyes stand out and your whole face will look brighter - just as some blue nail polishes make my nails and fingers look better.
EOTD: Blue smoky eye makeup with Sleek Candy Collection shadows
This is my entry for the Smoky Eye Friday link-up hosted by Leticia of Cosmetics Aficionado. You can get the code here and participate as frequently as you like. Can't wait for the next one! 
  1. Great look!

    I totally agree about blue eyeshadow. It doesn't have to be garish. You can make it work and not look like a clown. :)

    1. Thank you! It's nice to step outside the comfort zone and find that brights and lights aren't so scary after all!

  2. Love the shade! nicely done EOTD!

  3. Your eyes are looking nice but your eyeliner is lovely according to the eye makeup :)


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