Thursday, January 23, 2014

Glamabox January 2014 unboxing, review, photos: International beauty box

Glamabox January 2014 unboxing, review, photos: International beauty box
I wasn't a fan of the December 2013 Glamabox, which contained chicken soup and a slimming wrap. So it was with misgivings that I opened the January 2014 Glamabox (New Year edition).
Glamabox is a beauty box based in Hong Kong, and is well known in Singapore and Taiwan as well. Each item is handpicked by founder and international fashion model Lisa Selesner, who tries them first. The box costs HKD118 a month (That's Hong Kong Dollars. Google for exchange rates). Postage varies, depending on registered, EMS or speed post options. It's HKD172 for me - you need to ask by emailing them here. Please do mention that you heard about this from or were sent by Renu of My Beauty Junction!

Here is the unboxing and review of my January 2014 Glamabox (New Year edition).

Glamabox January 2014 unboxing, review, photos: International beauty box
Please watch the video below for the unboxing. Please give me a thumbs-up and subscribe to my video channel here. This time's video and audio were recorded separately and I had to speed up the audio to synchronise it, which means I talk at express-train speed and sound positively nasal - my apologies as usual :(

For me, this box is not their best - that was my first Glamabox in August 2013, with the No7 Protect and Perfect full-size serum. But this is way better than the December box, with the chicken soup - protein allergies - and a slimming body wrap - I weigh 105lb for 1.63m. I feel beauty boxes should contain beauty products; makeup and skincare, and leave the dietetics and fitness to other boxes, even if fitness and nutrition are definitely linked to beauty. Especially when you are paying for the beauty box. I've even seen jam/preserves in beauty boxes of late. What next, pedometers and guacamole?
Anyway, rant aside, the January box is better compared to the Christmas box but somewhat meh nonetheless! There are fewer - and smaller - products in this one, certainly not worth US$24 or so, and Cetaphil is a bit "been there, tried that", for a beauty box, which is meant to introduce you to new brands and products. I like the Sanrio Hello Kitty nail polish, though - for me, this was the winner in this box and I want to see if the Sferangs Repairing Eye Balm does what it says. I hope the February box is also makeup/skincare-only and a better box.
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