Monday, March 03, 2014

Manicure: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Tweedy nail polish over Lancome Vernis In Love 220M

So I saw my dentist and things are looking good; everything is healing nicely. I celebrated by painting my nails with Lancome Vernis In Love 220M or Jolis Matins and Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish in Tweedy.
I've swatched the Vernis in Love first. Jolis Matins is a light, milky-neutral shade with peachy tones that can be worn to work. Streaky with one coat, you can get better coverage with two coats, and even so, you can see faint outlines of tips. The polish is easy to apply and dries reasonably well. I have tried a couple of Vernis in Love polishes now and I will not be buying more - I think O.P.I., Zoya, China Glaze and Ciate are far better value for money and have the better formula. Still, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't tried. This is in natural light. I can't wear plain neutral polishes without wanting to add something else, and I was bored within hours and decided to apply another nail polish above this.
Now for the best part of this manicure - Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish in Tweedy.

I am very impressed by some of the Sally Hansen nail polishes I bought recently - the textured Sugar Coats (one of them is swatched here) and the Fuzzy Coats, which basically contain bar glitter suspended in a clear base, meant to give you the "feather-effect". Tweedy is my favourite of the pack - it contains black and white bar glitter and this is with two coats. I didn't have to fish around for the glitter, though I had to flatten it and spread it around a bit on the nail with the polish brush.
Manicure: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Tweedy nail polish over Lancome Vernis In Love 220M
The Fuzzy Coats aren't for everyone; I myself was told within hours of applying it that it looked like I had got stubble on my nails! The feather-effect is not noticeable either. It feels just like glitter, without a top coat. I like these polishes, though - they are a bit different and anything new in the polish world is welcome. This picture is taken in direct sunlight as it was noon by the time I applied this polish, and I had to go out. I have more Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat polishes from Sally Hansen, waiting to be swatched. Another time!
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