Friday, May 09, 2014

Yellow eye makeup with Sephora Blockbuster palette

Yellow smoky eye makeup with Sephora Blockbuster palette
This is not a regular EOTD that I wore outside; it is an experiment with yellow eyeshadow.
Yellow smoky eye makeup with Sephora Blockbuster paletteFor a while now, I have been trying to step outside my comfort zone. Having seen the way Leelo of beautybymissl pulls off yellow eyeshadows, I have been wondering how the colour would look on me.
There was much hemming and hawing at first - I thought it would make me look ill with jaundice or something, wash out my skin tone, make my eyes dull, look absolutely garish.... The apprehensions were many but I finally decided to give it a try on a day when I did not have to step outdoors.
The left and right eye makeup looks are not alike this time; I wanted to try two different looks here. On the eye to the left of the picture (my right eye, but let's call it the eye to the left of the picture), I have layered the yellow all over, even over the crease colour, as you can see above. On the eye to the right of the photo is my regular style with the main colour on the eyelid and a dark colour lighthandedly applied on the crease and outer V. But let me show you the eyeshadows I used.
After being on my wishlist for more than three years, I finally bought the Sephora Makeup Academy Blockbuster palette in December. With 130 colours to play with, this palette is really versatile and the eyeshadows are a lot more pigmented and buttery than you would expect.
The yellow eyeshadow in this palette is more of an ochre yellow, leaning towards medium-deep, than a pale, wishy-washy yellow. This is probably why it went well with my medium skintone. This matte shadow went all over the eyelid and the crease on the eye to the left of the photo. On the other eye, it only went into the centre of the eyelid.
Yellow smoky eye makeup with Sephora Blockbuster palette
Next, I chose the deep matte brown eyeshadow on the second row, to the extreme right in the photograph. This went into the crease on both eyes. A pale ivory matte (not shown in picture) went into the inner corners and brown bone. Finally, I layered the yellow eyeshadow again on the crease and outer "v" of the eye to the left, as you can see. I think this gave it greater depth and intensity, while the other eye's makeup looks blander.
Yellow smoky eye makeup with Sephora Blockbuster palette
This was not meant to be worn outdoors, so do forgive the dark circles and the smudged mascara on the left.
Both eye looks were finished with Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Desert Metals Mascara and Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner. I have also used Lancome Crayon Khol, Benefit Gimme Brow and Kat von D High Voltage Eye Primer. I certainly haven't pulled off yellow eyeshadow half as well as Leelo did, but I don't think it looks that garish, does it? Which eye look did you like better?
This is my submission to the Smoky Eye Friday link-up hosted by Leticia of Cosmetics Aficionado. Do check out the other looks. 



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