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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Wild Rose review, swatches

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 26 Wild Rose review, swatches
The Bobbi Brown Rich Color I want to show you today is Wild Rose, shade 26. This was another shade I had asked for based on online swatches alone. The problem with online swatches is that they can be hit and miss - it all depends on skintone and lip pigmentation. I was singularly lucky with Mod Pink, which I showed you last week.
Wild Rose is from Bobbi Brown's Rose Gold Collection. I have just the one other shade from this collection, which I will show you another time. And, yes, I do want the others, obviously!
Before we proceed, a quick word about the "natural light" swatches - as I told you a couple of days ago, the constant rains mean this coastal city will not have a dark-grey-cloud-free day for a while now, so "natural light" is going to be dull.

Here is Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in shade 26, Wild Rose, reviewed and swatched.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 26 Wild Rose review, swatches
I am skipping the packaging and ingredients, since I talked about these in previous Rich Lip Color reviews. Ditto the staying power and formula.
Wild Rose is described as a "raspberry pink". It is not as reddish as the name "Raspberry" implies, though, and leans more pink. You can also tell from the bullet that this has a sheen to it. 
Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 26 Wild Rose review, swatches
My problem with this lipstick is that it has a sheen which makes it look more frosty than creme on my pigmented lips, despite not being shimmery as such. The colour payoff is great, but when compared to Mod Pink and N*ude, both of which I have reviewed before, it falls slightly short. But it feels more lightweight than the previous Bobbi Brown lipsticks I have reviewed. 
Here is an on-arm swatch in artificial light - sorry, the rains have been terrible. I have not watermarked it on purpose.
Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 26 Wild Rose review, swatches

Here is the on-lips swatch of Bobbi Brown Wild Rose in natural light.

Not my usual thing, as you can see, and it makes my lips look... frosty and unevenly pigmented. I like the colour, though, and wish I could wear it better.
Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 26 Wild Rose review, swatches
My other issue with this lipstick is, as you can see, that is enhances the lines on my lips. Perhaps the lighter texture is responsible, as this is not an issue I face with other cremes. Now my lips look like wrinkled old prunes.
I must say that this colour looks far more amazing in the tube and on other blogs! 
Having said that, this is a medium, not-in-your-face colour which would look great on anyone who likes medium-subtle lip looks. This can go with a neutral or even a bit more dramatic eye, though maybe not super-bright shadows.
While I do like this colour, I prefer proper dusty-rose cremes on my lips as I feel they suit me better. Had I swatched Wild Rose in person, I may not have bought it. But I need to get out of my dusty-rose-creme comfort zone once in a while. The prune-lip syndrome, however, is a put-off.

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