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Memebox Yoghurt Superbox review, unboxing

Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes
I love yoghurt, and buttermilk. As a baby, I would spit up milk so much so my paediatrician recommended yoghurt and buttermilk two or three times a day, apart from one solitary bottle of milk. I took to the idea and continue to stick to yoghurt and buttermilk, except for one milky cuppa in the morning, though I love the dairy smell. A dollop of plain yoghurt mixed with chopped parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper, a couple of sultanas and half a sauteed onion over a piece of cucumber is a rather unusual combination, but a favourite snack with me. Love it!
No way was I going to pass on a yoghurt-special Memebox! I have heard of its use as a beauty aid but have never personally applied it to my face simply because it does not last long enough uneaten. Because yoghurt is supposed to have astringent properties, I was expecting a toner in this box and thought I would have to sell or swap it, since I do not use toners. I did expect a yoghurt face mask and some moisturising cream. Let's see if my expectations were justified!

Read on for my review and unboxing of the Yoghurt Special Memebox.

The contents of the Yoghurt Special Memebox are:

  1. Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Cleansing Foam 120ml
  2. Ettang Modelling Take-Out Cup Pack 17g
  3. Pure Smile Yoghurt Mask x 2
  4. Purederm Skin Softening Yoghurt mask 150ml
  5. Rappol Calming Cream 150g
  6. Holika Holika I want Chu Lip Balm x 2
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes
Six products, all of which are full-sized, and two are "sets" of two. A quick look at each.

Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Cleansing Foam 120ml

Face cleansers are products I am always running out of. This came in four varieties - gentle, moist, silky and firm. I've got moist. It contains apple, banana and apricot seed extracts. I have not opened the tube yet, so I have no idea what it smells like, but I have a feeling it smells great! Definitely going into my cleansing cabinet.
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Ettang Modelling Take-Out Cup Pack 17g

A modelling pack is a rubber-like face mask which soothes, moisturises and firms the skin. Apparently there is enough in this container for one use, though I bet it stretches to two - at least! You pour water to fill half the cup, mix the powder well and spread it over the face, wait for 15 minutes and peel off the rubbery mask. Half a cup is definitely good for two uses!
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Pure Smile Yoghurt Mask x 2

This contains extracts of kiwi, pineapple and banana. I am glad they sent out two. I use up sheet masks sooner than I get them. I will be trying one of these out this weekend.
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Purederm Skin Softening Yoghurt mask 150ml

We have seen a similar Purederm mask in the Whole Grain box v1, unboxed here. I wasn't a fan of that mask but hope this one performs better. The product card says this is meant to deliver deep hydration to dry, coarse and tired skin - mine is oily, acne-prone and sensitive, so I might think twice and present this to my Mum, who celebrates her birthday on the 27th of this month.
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Rappol Calming Cream 150g

This brand was founded by a couple who wanted a gentle product range for their baby, who had sensitive skin and a host of allergies. It contains lactic acid and is meant to speed up skin repair and soothe allergy-prone skin. I have a host of face creams waiting to be opened, and this one joins the queue.
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Holika Holika I want Chu Lip Balm x 2

I love these super-cute lip balms already. One is strawberry while the other is yoghurt. While certainly not as moisturising as Yes To Carrots, Baby Lips, EOS or Nivea, they are nice to put above matte lipsticks to prevent drying out. Apparently, you use them together for a great scent - you use one balm and have your significant other use the second one, and snog! It doesn't say what happens if said SO is not interested in trying out Korean beauty products, even if he tends to turn a blind eye to certain people's mad buying sprees. I will keep both myself and use them above matte lippies, as I said.
Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Summary, deals and code

I love this box more than the Milk box! Possibly my second-favourite so far, after the Cacao box, reviewed here. Everything can be used and there are no toners! This box was just $23 but is now sold out. However, they do have restocks every now and then, so do keep a lookout here on Memebox.
Get the new Cleanse and Tone box here. It is just $20 if you buy before Sunday, just like the new Oh My Lips box here. You also have a Pouch Essentials box here. Buy all three boxes here and pay just one postage - click the picture below and save more! You can check out all Global boxes on sale here and all Superboxes here and the Memeshop here. Other value sets are here, so you can combine boxes to save postage. Use code B0EB for $5 off.
Click to buy these Memeboxes and save!
Disclaimer: Paid for the box; not a PR sample. Affiliate links. This blogger comes from a Commonwealth country where the British systems of Parliament, education, sports and spelling are followed, and went to university in the UK, which is why "yoghurt" has been spelt with an aitch, as also many other words (travelling, civilisation). The things I have to explain to avoid Memebox-post hate-comments!
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  1. Wow, you get quite a lot in one box!

  2. I'm always looking for a good peel off mask so I'm really curious about that Ettang mask! I'd be interested in hearing how you like that one :)

  3. Your snack sounds kind of delicious, actually, lots of cool flavors and textures. I've not been a yogurt fan until Greek yogurt really started becoming a thing and I find that I really enjoy it. But anyhoo... This box looks like a lot of fun! It seems like I did some sort of honey and yogurt mask a time or two but maybe I just ate it, lol... The facial foam, take-out cup, and calming cream sound most interesting to me. Also I can't believe you have to defend the spellings of certain words... It's old English, isn't it? I've always found it rather graceful.

  4. Great review. I can't wait to get my box although I'm sure I can do without the Purederm mask in the big orange bottle. And I love your comment about hubby turning a blind eye to your buying habits. Mine just rolls his eyes.

  5. This box looks great! All of these products look like they smell delicious :)

  6. I've heard a lot of great things about the Memebox :) This looks like a fun one!

  7. The I want chu lip balm is totes adorbz. lol! I love memeboxes. I didn't pick this one up, but it sounds like one I'd like!

  8. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    I think the best boxes may be the ones that are food-themed, such as Milk, Cocoa and Yoghurt lol.

  9. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    They are amazing value for money!

  10. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    The ones I have opened so far smell great!

  11. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    I didn't like the Purederm mask in the Whole Grain box - it was drippy, uncomfy and just didn't do anything for me. This one is going to my Mum as it says it is for dry skin and mine is super-oily.

  12. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    Lol I existed on Greek Yoghurt while at Uni! I have to stick to British English as part of my profession and so I keep using those spellings on the blog and get corrected haha.

  13. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    I'll try it out over the next couple of weekends and do a quick review soon!

  14. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 13, 2014

    I agree, and for just $23!

  15. I like the look of that face mask.

  16. thts a lovely set of products :)

  17. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 14, 2014

    I know right! Love everything!

  18. MyBeautyJunctionOctober 14, 2014

    It is very good, at one try!


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