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Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream review, swatch, FOTD

With three pigments for colour correction.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream review, swatch, FOTD

I try to use lightweight foundations in the Summer, as heavier foundations can cause blocked pores and breakouts in the humid, sweaty weather. Which is why I checked out the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream recently. I've tried the Bourjois 8-in-1 BB Compact and loooove it (its formula and pigmentation are that of a medium-coverage cream compact than a BB cream). So I figured I would turn to the same brand for a CC cream for this Summer.
The Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is oil-free and claims to contain three colour-correcting pigments: Apricot, to correct fatigue; Green, for redness; and White for dark spots. The product promises luminous and smooth skin and hydration for 24 hours, and contains SPF15.

Scroll down for the review and swatch of Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in shade 33 Rose Beige.

The tube packaging offers control over the quantity of product dispensed. I wish I could say a little goes a long way, but the cream is so sheer that I end up applying more in a bid to cover up my spots.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream review, swatch, FOTD
The formula is creamy - neither thick nor runny - and it is best applied with a damp Beautyblender. I noticed brush marks when I tried it out with a foundation brush. The finish is dewy.

Swatches of Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Rose Beige

You can't expect perfect shade matches in CC creams, but I'm not displeased with 33 Rose Beige. Here are heavy-handed swatches in direct sunlight and natural light respectively. 
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream review, swatch, FOTDBourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream review, swatch, FOTD

The Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream not only provides very sheer coverage, but also disappears into my skintone. Given the amount of acne, pores and blemishes that I have, I prefer better coverage in my foundation.

Here it is on the face, above Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer, without setting powder, in natural light, applied with a damp Beautyblender. 
You can see every pimple mark, pore and mole and my bare, spotty skin peeking through, especially on the chin and left cheek.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream review, swatch, FOTD


I like this formula. It blends in nicely, disappears into my skintone, and does not dry my skin up or break me out. As for luminosity, you be the judge from that photograph.
But the coverage is too sheer for my liking - I felt there was no coverage at all and it was my bare skin I was seeing, whenever I looked in the mirror. I don't think there was any colour correction on my skin either.
This would be a good lightweight foundation for someone without acne, for someone with great skin, or if you want to go in for the no-makeup makeup look. For those with blemishes and a gazillion issues on the skin, this will not hide much.
Would I repurchase? If my skin becomes acne-free, yes.
Buy the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream here (free worldwide shipping).

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  1. I love sheer coverage, and i love how this CC Cream just disappears and ends up a perfect match for your skin! Excellent review!

  2. I don't have any skin issues so I think I would like this one. Looks so nice and creamy, I like that.

  3. There are just so many options these days! Thank you for the review!

  4. It's too bad it didn't provide enough coverage for you! I think this is something that could work well on me, just for a little evening out of my skintone.

  5. Sounds like it's a nice finish for someone who already has great skin - or who could pull off the appearance of great skin :)

  6. I love CC Creams because they are not as heavy as foundations. This one looks promising! <3

  7. I love that this looks so natural and can be used by so many skin types.

  8. I don't mind light coverage, especially in the summer -- so maybe this would be ok for me!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I prefer lighter weight face makeup in Summer, too. I often just grab a tinted moisturizer and set it with a little powder. I do wish that this brand were more widely available here in the States, there are products I'd like to try.

  11. I would try this but use powder on top since dewy on me just makes me look more oily!


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