Thursday, June 18, 2015

Periwinkle, glitter and duochrome manicure for Summer and London face

This is a very short post, since I am running from pillar to post in London. I found time to paint my nails last night - after coming back from Althorp (Literary Festival - sadly couldn't find time to visit Princess Diana's memorial thanks to the rain and train). I've bought six bottles of nail polish so far and got one free, so not too bad. Surprisingly, the OPI counters don't seem to have the sheer tints. Boo. Even the Middle East Sephoras seem to get the new launches earlier.
Anyway, for this mani, I began with Barielle Rain in Spain, which is a nice periwinkle. I wanted a glitter topper and went in for Sinful Colors Petal be the day above this. I didn't like the effect after one light coat, so I finished up with KBShimmer Urban Camo, which I love so much so that I will use it over pretty much every polish for a while. Here are the results:
Periwinkle, glitter and duochrome manicure for Summer with Barielle, KB Shimmer and Sinful Colors

Meanwhile, this has happened to my face:

Periwinkle, glitter and duochrome manicure for Summer and London face

This happens to me each time I step above the Tropic of Cancer or anywhere in the temperate zone. That is with anti-acne cream on the spots (which dries up my face badly), so you can imagine how scary my face looks right now.

I'll show you my makeup purchases, what I packed and what I'm using when I get another moment.



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