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Ipsy Glam Bag November 2015

November 2015's Ipsy Glam Bag is themed Beauty Blast. The bag itself sports a galaxy design and is very pretty. I can never master galaxy nails, though I love the pattern.

Scroll down for the contents of my Ipsy Glam Bag for November 2015.  

 Here are contents of my Ipsy Glam Bag for November 2015.

I received:
  1. Dermelect Nail Lacquer in Commando
  2. Smashbox Full Exposure mini mascara
  3. Crown Pointed Crease Brush
  4. Avance Mattifying Emulsion
  5. J.Cat Skinny & Long Eye Pencil
 Here are contents of my Ipsy Glam Bag for November 2015.

Dermelect Nail Lacquer in Commando

My favourite product in this box. A beautiful taupe-neutral, the creme polish is DBP-, formaldehyde- and toluene-free.

Smashbox Full Exposure mini mascara 

These days, I prefer mini mascaras - less wastage - and recently invested in Sephora Favourites LashStash for the coming year. If you have not seen it already, here it is. I highly recommend this set.  Good to get a new mini mascara to play with.

Crown Pointed Crease Brush

I usually love Crown brushes but this one seemed to shed! There was hair in the little cellophane sleeve and on the back of my hand when I swirled it around. Besides, I recently indulged in some high-end blending brushes - see here - so this will be given away.

Avance Mattifying Emulsion

This seems to be a primer and pore refiner. It is watery, but dries matte, and the fragrance is quite strong. Will give it a try over the weekend and see if it is better than my usual silicone-y primers in keeping oil at bay.

J.Cat Skinny & Long Eye Pencil

There! Another black eye pencil! I knew it was a while since I received one of those. Want to place bets on how many of these I will receive in beauty boxes next year?

Not my favourite Ipsy bag - apart from the nail polish, I was not in love with the contents. The black pencil eyeliner put a dampener on my enthusiasm, and the Crown brush is definitely shedding. This bag did not have much of a blast to it. I should have liked to see some lip makeup, or eyeshadow. I hope their Christmas bag is much better.

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