Human+Kind Skincare: Body Lotion, Cleansing Cloths, Hand and Foot Cream

Last Summer, I discovered a skincare brand while travelling in Europe. Irish brand Human+Kind is natural and free of chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, colourants and additives. Their tagline is "skincare with a conscience" and they claim to avoid the nasties in their products. A number of their products are multitaskers. For instance, their Family Remedy Cream addresses eight skin concerns.
The packaging is vibrant and attractive. They had quite a lot of skincare, but being paranoid about breakouts, I picked up just three mostly bath and body products - the body lotion, the Elbow+Foot+Hand Cream and Cleansing Cloths.

Scroll down for a look at the Human+Kind Skincare range.

Human+Kind Skincare: Body Lotion, Cleansing Cloths, Hand and Foot Cream

The Elbow+Foot+Hand Cream is a lovely multitasker that is perfect for travel. Imagine not having to cartload separate hand and foot creams in your rucksack. It cost just €7.95 and I had the good sense to buy two.
The body lotion reminds me of Soap & Glory's Daily Smooth. Light, creamy and easily absorbed, it smells just as lovely. Unfortunately, I am at the end of the only bottle I bought. The cost is €12.95.
Ingredients include shea butter, aloe vera, Centella Asiatica, witch hazel, calendula and sunflower extracts. 

Human+Kind Skincare: Body Lotion, Cleansing Cloths, Hand and Foot Cream
The cleansing cloths are my favourite. These come in two-packs, at €6.95. Although these may be used on their own, like the makeup eraser, I prefer using these in lieu of flannels while cleansing my face. These are also amazingly handy for fomenting the face - something I had to do several times a day in January and February. Plus, they are soft and velvety.


A great find. Love the idea of multi-tasker creams and the hand, elbow and foot cream makes travel packing easier. Plus, everything is nasty-free.
I especially adore the cleansing cloths. Shoutout to the SAs in Sephora Rome who helped me discover new brands and pointed me to this.  I am KICKING myself for not buying more products from Human+Kind. I want the Wash Off Facial Cleanser, the Body Oil, the Body Butter, the Body Souffle, the face creams, the hair care... everything, really.
Where to buy online? I haven't  the foggiest. Googling - and searching on Amazon and eBay - threw up a bunch of books on the human species. If you know where to buy, please do share!

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