Friday, October 21, 2016

Holiday 2016: NYX Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar Ships Worldwide

The vast majority of beauty advent calendars - as also beauty boxes - are skincare-heavy, with few being devoted to makeup alone, though there are mixed ones with skincare and makeup, such as LookFantastic's Advent Calendar.
No such concerns about the NYX Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar. It contains 24 makeup products. One for each day in December, up till Christmas eve.
If the name of the NYX Advent Calendar did not give you a hint of the travel theme - and the contents - perhaps the suitcase-like packaging did?

Scroll down for more on the NYX Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar for Holiday 2016.

Nyx Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar for Holiday 2016 ships worldwide..

If the theme is travel, the contents have to be the city names-inspired lip creams, right? Well done if you guessed that.
The NYX Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar contains 12 soft matte lip creams and 12 eyeshadows. Nowt else. Just makeup.
Each door in the calendar is named after a city. The shades vary from neons to nudes.
Nyx Cosmetics Wanderlust Advent Calendar for Holiday 2016.

There. Isn't that the cutest packaging ever?

The NYX Wanderlust Advent Calendar ships worldwide - rejoice! It costs £60 in the UK and $50 in the US (I know, right!). Order here if you want international shipping and here if you are in the US. This one will fly off the shelves, given that there are 12 lipsticks and 12 eyeshadows in there.
To buy the NYX Advent Calendar for 2016, go here - it ships internationally from here. If you are within the US, go here. 

Which beauty advent calendar has struck your fancy this year?



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