Monday, January 09, 2017

Holiday 2016 Makeup Giveaway Results

On January 15, 2017, this blog will turn four years old! Wow. If someone had told me I would stick to this for four years, I would have scoffed. If someone had told me I would even start a beauty blog, I would have pulled a stomach muscle laughing.
Of one thing I am certain - there are no regrets whatsoever. I actually enjoy blogging about makeup, and if photography - cropping and resizing included - has me dragging my feet, I still say it is a small price to pay for the sheer pleasure I find in the beauty blogosphere. Long may it last!
The point is, as I should have told you rightaway, that I will be celebrating with a giveaway, of course. I'm trying to get hold of the very elusive Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette for a giveaway, but I barely managed to order one for myself and it hasn't arrived - if not, I'll buy one more whenever it launches in Sephora Dubai and we'll have the giveaway then. Till that time, I'll fill the space with more makeup and skincare giveaways, never fear - do drop back around my blogoversary for the giveaway!
But before that, I have to tell you who won the Holiday 2016 Makeup Giveaway.
Holiday 2016 Makeup Giveaway Results

The winner is....
Holiday Lipstick Giveaway 2016
Congratulations! Please send me your:
  1. Full name
  2. Shipping address INCLUDING postal code and country 
  3. TELEPHONE NUMBER - many POs return packages without a telephone number now, because of terrorism scares. So do NOT forget this. 
  • I pack as well as poss., but cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged parcels, or for customs duties/taxes or any other charges. 
  • I'm down with a bad bout of a throat and sinus infection, and my schedule is wonky during the work-week, so I may take a week or two to get this in the post. But I promise I'll send it by registered post :)
  • International packages take a month or longer to arrive at their destination, particularly with all the terrorism scares now. So please be patient!
Didn't win? There's another one coming next week, and shortly, I'll be giving away the Too Faced Peach Palette as well. Stay tuned for announcements by following me on Instagram, and by signing up for my weekly email newsletter below (NO spam):



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